When on Safari, camping is a must. Your senses will be enlightened, and your comfort will be rezoned.

Not up for camping next to a lion? No worries, tented camps exist all over Africa, and you might discover, glamping is exactly what’s been missing from your life! If this is a new term for you, glamping is simply luxury camping. You will have a bed off the floor, hot water, and an en-suite bathroom! There are variations between tented camps, but you will surely find them to be a thrill, especially at night! I had the privilege to stay in three tented camps during my Safari trip, and all were fabulous!

Quick tip: Book more than two nights to have a full experience! 

Tanzania Maramboi Tented Camp

Location: Tanzania, near Tarangire National Park.

PROS: – Tents raised off the ground on platforms.• Spacious interiors• Ample hanging and storage for your clothes• Outlets• Mosquito netting around the bed.• Evening turn down service• Sunsets over Lake Manyara are life enhancing• Delicious food• Excellent Staff

A comfortable bed to get into after a game drive and delicious dinner!

CONS:• Tents can be far from the main reception, relaxation and dining areas. • Not all tents have a sunset view. Request a front-row tent with a spectacular view on your lanai after a long game drive. 

Spectacular sunsets at Maramboi!

Tips: •If you like privacy, request a tent at the end.• Visit the pool area and watch the Zebras, Warthogs, Impalas and Wildebeest grazing nearby. • Solo travelers – this is quite an adventure; with no one to turn to or hold onto in the middle of the night, you will be challenged to push past your fears, quickly!

Pool with a view!


Location: Serengeti, Tanzania

PROS: • Located in the Serengeti, you will have animal sightings when arriving and departing.• All tents are close to the main reception area.• Kiota is quietly isolated from any other lodging, and you will not hear bush planes flying above.• Bush Television – sit around a campfire during and after sunset and listen to the sounds of the Serengeti wildlife! Bush Television is an excellent way to meet fellow travelers, and talk stories of your day before dinner.• Beautifully decorated, with thoughtful touches to warm the heart.• Outlets• The Staff is committed to your safety, as you are briefed almost immediately upon arrival. 

Let’s have a chat and watch the animals…

CONS:• No Wi-Fi – though, some may see this as a PRO. • Food options were a little sparse.• (Brrr) it can be quite chilly in the mornings!

Tips:• Go for the Bucket Shower experience! A bucket shower is a bucket filled with hot water and hoisted up over your tent. When you pull the chain, the water comes through the shower head, and when you have no more water, the bucket is empty. It is recommended you shower with only two buckets and you’d be surprised by how little water you need to be clean!

Bush Television


Location: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

PROS: • Staff – Stacey and Pete, wife and husband, Manager and Assistant Manager, along with their dedicated Maasai team, were brilliant in their execution of every detail. • Food – Fresh, healthy and abundant! The food was delicious, and anything you needed – vegetarian, vegan, or more meat, was quickly manifested! Nothing was too big or small of a request.• Location – the tents are perched along Talek River, where buffalo, warthog, and hippos reside. You need not go far to see or hear wildlife. It’s also very peaceful, and comfortable to sit and meditate alongside the river. Or, watch a wildebeest crossing!• Tents – most have spectacular views, with spacious interiors. • Room/Tent Service! Use your radio to speak with the kitchen and within thirty minutes, you could have food delivered to your tent!• Turn-down service• Free daily laundry• Community dining

The beautiful and airy accommodations at Rekero Camp.

CONS:• No outlets in your tent – there is a charging station in the main dining tent• No Wi-Fi in your tent – there is a specified Wi-Fi tent on the grounds.

This is how Rekero serves lunch!

Tips:• Take a day to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Rekero Camp. You can read a plethora of books, play a few games, or take advantage of the several seating areas that provide varied views, with nap nooks, and meditative spaces. And, animals are always close by, so you won’t be missing out if you opt out of a game drive.• Have a chat with the Maasai security personnel.

Getting a visit from one of our neighbors!

Convinced yet? Are you ready to experience the wilderness with the adventurous spirit that is your inner child? Safaris will widen your perspective and give you golden nuggets that will reveal themselves when needed. It comes down to this question – what type of adventure do you desire in your life right now?

No matter what you choose, thank you for joining me these last three months with Soulivity Magazine. It’s been a pleasure to assist in your journey, whether you’re still dreaming and imagining a Safari or already in the planning and packing stage.  

Until next time, thank you for reading and Happy Travels!

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