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Author: D'angelo Thompson

Rodney Hughes Featured
Passion 2019

Passion 2019: Rodney Hughes 

Being one of the few perfumers of African descent in the West, Rodney Hughes believes in being a trailblazer. In this way, he helps others to know that building a fragrance brand is achievable.

Mordechai Alvow Featured
Passion 2019

Passion 2019: Mordechai Alvow 

Mordechai Alvow’s passion converged his global perspective and commitment to preserving the planet, with his intuitive styling approach and his ongoing quest for performance-driven products.

Christopher Trepinski Featured
Passion 2019

Christopher Trepinski 

Name: Christopher Trepinski Title/Position: Jewelry Designer Instagram/Website: TrepinskiNewYork DT: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? And some...
Ericka Mays Featured
Passion 2019

Ericka Mays 

Name: Ericka Mays Title/Position: Owner/Founder, Ericka Mays & Associates Instagram/Website: Ericka Mays grew up in Chicago. She started her...
Passion 2019

Elizabeth Young 

Name: Elizabeth Young Title/Position: Photographer Instagram/Website: @elizabethyoungpictures / Elizabeth Young was born in San Francisco. A graduate of the Art...
Passion 2019

Nelson Vercher 

Name: Nelson Vercher Title/Position: Editorial & Celebrity Hair Stylist; Casting Director Instagram/Website: @nelsonvercher / Chicago native Nelson Vercher started...

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