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Tag: makeup artist

Nikki Lloyd featured
Passion 2019

Nikki Lloyd 

Name: Nikki Lloyd Title/Position: Celebrity Makeup Artist Instagram/Website: @Sugarbrown7 / Nikki Lloyd began doing makeup as a result of...
Barbara Bilkerdijk featured
Passion 2019

Barbara Bilkerdijk 

Name: Barbara Bilkerdijk Title/Position: Makeup Artist Instagram/Website: @bbilkerdijk DT: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? And some...
Tomy Rivero featured
Passion 2019

Tomy Rivero 

Name: Tomy Rivero Title/Position: Makeup Artist - Beauty Expert Instagram/Website: @TomyRiveroBeauty / Makeup Artist and beauty expert Tomy Rivero is...
ronaldo escobar featured
Passion 2019

Ronaldo Escobar 

Name: Ronaldo Escobar Title/Position: Makeup Artist Instagram/Website: @ronaldomakeup / / Ronaldo Escobar was born and raised in Brazil, he lived in...