Breaking up with the Sugar in Ultra-processed food
Breaking up with the Sugar in Ultra-processed food  Deposit photos/Cheryl Meyer on Canva

50 Benefits of Breaking Up with Sugar

Cheryl Meyer

To change your health, you must decide that you are unwilling to tolerate your health issues. You must decide to do whatever it takes to return to wellness.

You must have clarity about what you want to achieve.

Your “why” needs to be greater than your comfort in staying the same.

You need to play to win. You are not going to “try.” You are going to succeed.

“Trying” is wanting credit for something you will never do.[i]

As Yoda said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”[ii]

You must own your health and take back your power to heal it.

Detoxing off sugar allows you to take a giant step forward to succeed with your health.


To adopt healthy habits and change your eating, it all starts with sugar. Sugar is a poison that is addictive, and you need to break that addiction.[iii]

It’s not about willpower. Sugar takes control of your eating patterns. It messes with the hormones that regulate your appetite. It impacts your mood and your brain.

Losing weight is not about “willpower.” Sugar becomes “won’t power.” Your problem isn’t you. You did not stand a chance. You are addicted to the hidden sugar and chemicals in processed and fast food, making it difficult to stay the course.

You get to choose. Are you going to feed your body health? Or are you going to feed your body sickness?

What does sugar impact?

  • Weight

  • Obesity

  • Your immune system

  • Your hormones that regulate hunger

  • Your hormones that regulate happiness, dopamine, insulin, Gaba, Oxytocin, and Serotonin

  • Mood swings

  • Depression

  • Leaky gut

  • Fatty Liver disease, which is a leading cause of heart disease

  • Triglycerides

  • Small particle cholesterol

  • Cancer

  • Kidneys

  • Type II Diabetes

  • Anxiety

  • Dementia

  • Aging (shortens telomeres)

  • Skin (sugar causes wrinkles)

Fake sugars also impact the body in harmful ways and are poor alternatives.

Sugar creates imbalance that causes weight gain

Benefits for weight loss

  1. You will break the addiction and reactivate the hormones that regulate appetite.

    • Leptin will function properly in your body, controlling your hunger. When leptin is not working properly, your brain thinks it is starving, so you are driven to eat. Your sugar addiction had been suppressing your leptin.

    • Sugar mucks around with your hormone ghrelin, so the hypothalamus does not receive a signal to stop eating, which can lead to overeating.

    You will gain “willpower” once your break your addiction.

  2. You will lose weight. Clinical studies show consistent data that body weight changes correlate directly with increasing or decreasing the intake of sugars.

  3. You will have less body fat.

  4. Your palate will become more attuned to the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables.

  5. You will find “eating the rainbow” more enjoyable. Your body needs the synergy of these phytonutrients to work together to create health.

  6. Your taste buds will be reactivated.

  7. Sugary snacks will not have the same irresistible appeal they once had.

  8. You will be able to make clear-headed decisions and enjoy treats in the extreme moderation they deserve.

  9. You will develop a distaste for sugar. It will taste way too sweet.

  10. You will stop indulging in things that you did not want in the first place.

  11. You will stop hijacking healthy eating.

  12. You can now lose weight without dieting, and it will be sustainable.

  13. The emotional roller coaster of losing and gaining weight will be over. You will have food freedom.

Adopt healthy habits to become your best possible self

Benefits for self-esteem

  1. You will find it easier to have a positive mindset. You will develop “won’t” power.

  2. You will feel better about yourself and have more confidence.

  3. You will look better, and you will see it in the mirror.

  4. Others will notice how much better you look.

  5. You will feel healthier.

inflammation and pain

Benefits for Health, Inflammation, and/or Chronic disease

If you have a chronic ailment, this is the first step to stopping harmful inflammation in your body.

  1. You will have less pain. You will have fewer joint aches & pains.

  2. You will have fewer headaches.

  3. You will have less agita. You can eliminate antacid medications.

  4. You will improve digestive issues, often attributed to high sugar consumption.

  5. As sugar is replaced by healthy vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins, the issues of bloating, upset stomach, and those gas attacks…will decrease dramatically.

  6. You will have taken an important step in healing your “leaky” gut.

  7. You will improve your skin- acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

  8. You will increase the collagen in your skin. Collagen helps keep the skin tight.

  9. You will slow your aging process. You will be protecting your telomeres.

  10. You will look younger.

  11. You will get sick less often.

  12. You will strengthen your immune system, so your body can fight against colds, flu, allergies, and the next Super Virus.

  13. You will learn more easily and improve your memory. You will protect your brainpower.

  14. You will improve your mood and have less depression & anxiety.

  15. You will have fewer mood swings from sugar imbalances

  16. You will lower your risk for dementia and cognitive issues as you age.

  17. You will improve your thyroid health.

  18. You will improve your dental health. You will lower the possibility of gum disease.

  19. You will improve your liver’s health and, as a result, your heart, lungs, kidneys, and gut health.

  20. You will improve your blood pressure.

  21. You will lower your triglycerides.

  22. You will improve lower LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol).

  23. You will lower your “small particle” cholesterol, which is harmful to body systems.

  24. You will be less likely to have a heart attack.

  25. You will decrease your risk for cancer.

  26. You will improve your sleep and insomnia. Getting continuous 7 hours of sleep is crucial for health.

  27. You will improve your longevity

Eating the rainbow, cooking for future health

Benefits for Lifestyle Improvements

  1. You will realize how much sugar you were eating.

  2. You will regain your love of cooking, learn how to cook or learn how to cook differently—and much better.

  3. You will save money.

  4. You will feed your body real nutrients, improving your health. You can now control what you eat.

  5. You will forge better friendships-nothing is more endearing than gathering around the dinner table at home and cooking a meal for a friend.

  6. You will include the people whom you love spending time with—not only to help ensure your success but also to bring people closer.

  7. You will inspire others with your results and influence others to re-evaluate their eating habits.

  8. Your friends will share their recipes and experiences so that you can all continue to inspire one another.

  9. Your improved eating tastes better with friends and is easier to sustain. You influence and are influenced within 2 degrees of separation.

You will feel accomplished and good about yourself. You will know you can sustainably lose weight and inflammation without sabotaging yourself. You will be able to incorporate healthy habits that significantly improve your health.





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