Being cooped up for the next few months as both temperatures and snow begin to fall doesn’t sound too appealing to most of us. Whether you’re sledding, going for snowy hikes, or spending time in your backyard, there are some ways you can get out of the house.

Check out these tips for staying warm outside this winter that you might not have thought of!

Pace Yourself

You might think running outside instead of walking would be better at keeping you warm, but it surprisingly won’t. Initially, your body temperature will rise, but as you slow down and your sweat evaporates, you’ll conduct heat away from your body. If you go outside to exercise, maintain a pace that will keep you warm but not sweaty.

Adjust Layers

To maintain a pleasant body temperature that doesn’t devolve into sweating, you’ll want to adjust your layers. Typically, you need to wear a layer that’s close to your skin, like long johns, to keep your body heat in. Then, add a layer that you can remove if you get too warm, like a sweater. Finally, the outer layer should be a water-resistant jacket or coat to keep you dry.

Eat More

There’s a reason comfort food is more prevalent in the wintertime! Eating more, especially high-fat foods, keeps your metabolism up. If you begin feeling cold or fatigued, that could signify that you need to head inside or you need a snack. If you’re out hiking in the winter, bring foods high in protein, like nuts and cheese, to keep your internal furnace stoked.

Install a Firepit

Maybe you’re not a great outdoorsman who likes to traipse through the woods on a snowy day, but you’d still like to enjoy the fresh air every now and then? Consider installing a firepit in your backyard! It gives you an easy way to hang out with family and friends while staying close to home. There are some factors to consider before investing in a firepit, like what size would fit in your backyard best or if you’d prefer gas or a wood-burning option. However, ensure you learn outdoor fireplace safety tips beforehand.

Any of these tips for staying warm outside this winter, whether you’re an adventurer or a homebody, will help you get outside and appreciate nature.

Brian Westley Johnson
Brian Westley Johnson

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