Rick Worthy, The Dean of Magic

Rick Worthy, The Dean of Magic

B. Westley Johnson, Managing Editor

Soulivity Magazine

Rick Worthy. He's been a close friend of mine for almost 30 years. And, while I have known him personally, his face may be familiar to you, as well. During this span, Rick has appeared in over 65 different TV and feature films as an actor.

You may have seen him as Nathan Jackson in the TV western, "The Magnificent Seven", with Eric Close and Ron Perlman; or, as Chris Didion, in the crime series, "Eyes", alongside actors Tim Daly and Garcelle Beauvais.

Most recently, he is the rebel freedom fighter, Lem Washington, in the two-time Emmy award-winning Amazon series, "The Man in the High Castle"; and, in the popular SyFy cable network series, "The Magicians", where he is the determined and mysterious Dean Fogg.

Regardless of the role, Rick seems to always bring a sense of heart, passion, and authenticity to his work. He was able to spend some time with us and share with us his thoughts on the current state of the industry, and give some insights on his various roles and what it means to be an actor.

Soulivity presents, "Rick Worthy, The Dean of Magic".

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