Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: In Conversation with Erika Winters Design

Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: In Conversation with Erika Winters Design

Design runs through Erika Winters´ veins. Her passion is to enrich everyday life with a sophisticated, chic, and timeless design. She is a  perfectionist, and her goal in interior and furniture design is to create a calm and comfortable urbane feeling and environment. 

Interiors and furnishings are not only a product; thus, but her goal is also to create a calm, comfortable urban ambiance. Erika's focus is on end-user comfort in her integral design of homes and offices. Attention to detail is crucial for Erika throughout the design and manufacturing process. 

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Also, Erika Winters specializes in reconditioning used furniture, converting into unique objects for special places. This brings her into close contact with the furniture and the spaces to be designed.  Possibilities are infinite for furbishing up each piece of furniture. The exquisite quality of means that her clients can visually enjoy and feel them every day. 

Erika´s career and work of 28 years have drawn significant media attention. She has been published in Architectural Digest Mexico, Chic Magazine, Habitat Magazine, Casa Viva Magazine, Mexico Design Magazine, Real Estate Magazine, Entre Muros of Reforma newspaper, and Vogue  Mexico Magazine

Erika Winters extends her influence beyond Mexico City. As a  registered trademark, Erika Winters® Design is an International multidisciplinary design company specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects. With an essential team of  Architects, Graphic Designers, and Renderers, the company developed the Headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and offices in New Jersey,  New York, and Mexico City.

DT: What attracted you to pursuing a career in Interior Design?

A: As a child, I loved films with strong design elements and interior design magazines. Plus, my mom had great taste, and our homes were always beautiful and always felt inviting/comfortable. For me, I always think the home is essential and the center of your life. So, why not make it beautiful and inviting.

DT: Your projects are impressive; what are you currently working on? What other genres of design are you expanding into?

A: I am working with my husband, Luis Herrera, on a beach home in NJ, working on our new home, a property in Sherman Oaks, and a home in Joshua Tree. We are working on an extension to the  Presbyterian Hospital in Santa Monica.

Also, working on a dinnerware and silverware line. In 2016, I was in Milan at an annual International Fair for Design, and we took a side trip to Verona during this time. In this gorgeous small church, I saw a monk, took a photo, and at that moment, I was inspired to create dinnerware. You never know where you'll find inspiration. Now, we are expanding into new markets, dinnerware silverware, and even fashion (No King Official).

DT: What designers or architects are you influenced by?

A: First of all, I love  Marcel Wanders from the Netherlands. And Philip Starck,  Karin  Rashid, and Zaha Hadid. All of these designers have their strong points of view, very inspiring, and  I can relate to all of them.

DT:  What would you want your legacy to be?

A: I would want my legacy to be recognized as a strong and talented Mexican female designer in the world of architecture and design.

DT: What great lesson would you share with younger interior designers, especially women?

A: Be true to your design; believe in yourself; eventually, you will reach your goals. Don't give up.

DT: What city or place in the world inspires you?

A: I am very inspired by Italy, NYC, London, and France.

DT: How do you incorporate your passion for travel into your projects?

A: Our projects make my travel possible; my husband and I make it fun. We take photos for inspiration and experience the culture fully. 


Name: Erika Winters Design

Job Title: Interior Designer

Instagram: @erikawinters

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