NYC party-starter SkullandHeadphones Drops Brand New Jams On Latest Release

NYC party-starter SkullandHeadphones Drops Brand New Jams On Latest Release

In the current global situation, we need good music more than ever before.  If one track can instantly transform our living rooms, kitchens, and gardens into dancefloors, then it's going to be 'Without Your Love', the tasty new jam from NYC-based producer, SkullandHeadphones.  Built around an emotive processed vocal, deep rolling bassline, and relentless house beat, the song is reminiscent of both classic '80s house cuts and golden-age Daft Punk, though, with a contemporary edge, it couldn't belong to any other time but now.

'Without Your Love' follows SkullandHeadphones' debut release, 'The Force', which channels the soul of Sylvester and gives it a 2020 body to dance in. When the nightclubs of the world reopen their doors, both tracks will undoubtedly be going straight into the boxes of respected house and disco DJs and filling floors for years to come.

Turn up the volume and listen to 'Without Your Love' here.

SkullandHeadphones is the moniker of Tiro Rivera, a major player on the NYC deep house and nu-disco scene.  As a neighbor and associate of massively influential figures such as Erick Morillo, Michael Moog, and Benji Candelario, Rivera formerly acted as the musical director of the East Village's legendary venue Webster Hall.

Throughout the 2010s, Rivera's interests evolved from hosting parties to providing their soundtrack. Left with a bumper stack of musical equipment after a promoter pulled out of a party he'd arranged, he suddenly had the gear he needed to turn his musical dream into a reality. Following a relocation to Hoboken, New Jersey, Rivera put together a studio and began his own creative journey: the project SkullandHeadphones was born.

'We're so excited about our new music,' SkullandHeadphones remarks, 'and about the team, we've got helping to spread the word.  Our goal is to keep our favorite music fresh.'

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