Passion Forward: Ronald Cadiz, Fashion and Celebrity Photographer

Passion Forward: Ronald Cadiz, Fashion and Celebrity Photographer

Ronald Cadiz is a fashion and celebrity photographer, based in California.  Though he spent a majority of his childhood drawing, designing, and crafting, he felt that he needed to find a more studious career. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, Cadiz has been shooting for publications, fashion brands, and record labels including Glamour, Men's Vogue, YRB, August McGregor, Cadet, Universal Music, and Sony Music, since 1996.  His experience and skills beyond photography also include creative direction, graphic design, branding, interior design, grooming, and styling.

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DT: How long have you been a photographer?

RC: I've been a photographer for at least 24 years.

DT: Where did "cadizzlebot" come from?

RC: I opened a Gmail account for G-chat; so, I thought up "cadizzlebot."  And, it morphed into the email address I use and on all my social platforms.

DT: You have worked with some legends, name a few?  Which subject or client impacted you the most?

RC: I've worked with clients like Sony Music, Universal Records, Marie Claire, Men's Vogue, and YRB, to name a few.

I can give you two [which impacted me]. Sony/Jive records always felt like you were working with family or best friends. We were such a well-oiled machine; and, I still am close friends with the art directors that I worked with.

At YRB, my friend Darius Baptist was the Creative Director, and always open to seeing my creative fashion ideas come to fruition. We did a fun job in England.

DT: Whom or what would you like to work in the near future?

RC: The goal always is to work with bigger fashion brands, or follow Madonna on tour (smile). Right now, just creating my own projects to feed my artistic soul.

DT: What advice would you give to younger photographers?

RC: "Always stay true to your vision. Always be willing to learn something new, cherish your accomplishments, and always know you can pick yourself up if you experience failures."

DT: What inspires you?

RC: I love seeing new things. I can get inspiration from many sources, photographers are always looking for ideas, conceptualizing. New creators of content can be extremely inspiring. My trip to Japan was eye-opening and very inspiring.

DT: Finish this sentence, "the shift I would like to see in the world is…"

RC: "…less extreme divisive behavior, less destruction, more construction (building bridges)".

DT: I see you more as a creative director because you look at projects from all angles. What are your strongest attributes as an artist/photographer?

RC: I think outside the box; and, I'm detailed oriented to a fault. I have learned to embrace mistakes you might learn a new technique in the process. I always look for inspiration and push others to do their absolute best.

Name: Ronald Cadiz

Job Title: Photographer & Creative Director

Instagram: @cadizzlebot

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