Up Close: The Clock and Flow of Cairo Williams, Model and Entrepreneur

Up Close: The Clock and Flow of Cairo Williams, Model and Entrepreneur
Cairo Williams has been a working model for 15 plus years. She's scorched the runway for New York Fashion Week, Calvin Klein, was hired as a campaign model for Maybelline. And, as a commercial model, she has shot with countless name brands, from Verizon to Citibank. Currently, Cairo is the "face" of Tokyo Fashion Express Japan for the past three years. Cairo was extremely self-conscious in front of the camera. Photo shoots were terrifying and it was reflected in the photos. She grew determined to break the cycle of anxiety and self doubt. Cairo realized she didn't have complete control over her movements and body mechanics, no "structure" or "template" to fall back on. Everything she learned from various coaches was useful but limiting. She was taught to "mimic" and "recreate" her instructor's poses and movement.
Although she utilized these techniques, they weren't "flexible" or "adaptable" and could not be relied upon. Out of this need to evolve, Cairo began formulating a "system" designed to yield poised and purposeful angles while generating natural yet compelling face and body positions. She named it Clock and Flow! The results were undeniable and the work poured in! Still after hundreds of photoshoots, leading to major modeling campaigns and national commercials, Cairo still felt that void in her that all the success in the world couldn't fill. She needed something to feed her soul. She needed a way, an avenue to give back to those who were in the same dire situation that she was once in herself. It dawned on her that Clock and Flow was the perfect vehicle. On one hand, Cairo's Clock and Flow is a legitimate technique to give clients the tools to yield an amazing photo, yet on a deeper level, Cairo uses her Clock and Flow classes and programs as a way to reach those in need of confidence, moving them closer to self-love and respect. Clock and Flow Mentorship and Self Care Program utilizes and implements techniques from her modeling background and her own healing experiences. The program has an uncanny knack for getting them comfortable in their own skin and closer the light of beauty that glimmers from within. Keep Clocking and Flowing!
Soulivity Editor-at-Large, D'angelo Thompson, got the chance to spend some quality time with her to ask about her life and journey to success, as well as, insights about passion, purpose, and higher quality living. Enjoy!

DT: Cairo, thank you taking time during this Coronaviris (COVID-19) crisis around the world to chat with our readers at Soulivity. 

I met you in NYC over 20 years ago for photo shoots. And, I still have most of those prints and editorials in my archives. It's been a pleasure to reconnect with you and discuss your new business, CLOCK AND FLOWHow long have you been in your chosen profession? What was the turning point for you to call it a career?

CW: I've been a model for over 15 years. I felt a turning pointing in my career when I developed Clock and Flow. I wasn't content when I left jobs. I wanted to offer (and, mentor) women and leave a stronger legacy than just modeling.

As my business started to expand, I saw shifts in my students and even their parents started to see a profound change. 

DT: Let me know about your mentoring program? 

CW: One program, we offer at Clock and Flow is a four-week program for girls; young women; Trans female to male and broader LGBTQ community; as well as, working with a trauma coach. 

My husband, Paul Christino also is a certified, Trauma Coach. 

DT: How important is your personal style or fashion trends for you? 

CW: My own fashion expression is EVERYTHING, it gives me ownership of my own personal style. It expresses who I am; and, I don't apologize for my sense of style. Fully embracing and loving myself. 

DT: As Spring 2020 approaches (also, the beginning of a new decade), what intentions have you set forth this season/decade? 

CW: My intentions are to keep a strong marriage, keeping my mind, body, and spirit aligned; expanding Clock and Flow with more for-profit businesses; and, to continue modeling. 

DT: What great lesson would you share with younger people? 

CW: I would tell them to forget the "programming" they have learned their insecurities from their environments; and, get to know who they truly are and what [they] want. This can be done through self-exploration and/or therapy. 

DT: What is your purpose? 

CW: My purpose is to figure out who I am; to forget the programming (as well); help others; and, pay it forward. 

DT: Finish this sentence, "the shift I would like to see in the world is…" 

CW: "…being more humane".

Name: Cairo Williams

Job Title: Model/Program Director of Clock and Flow

Instagram: @cairo_model

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