Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: An Interview with Actor Eduardo Ramos

Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: An Interview with Actor Eduardo Ramos

Eduardo Ramos is an actor and director, specifically known for his works; Papa Papi (2018), Sex, Love & Salsa (2014) and The Deuce (2017). Eduardo Ramos's journey in the two competitive industries of modelling and acting has been challenging. Still, he is a motivated individual who wishes to bring a positive change in the community as a responsible citizen of a global community while being a responsible father to his beloved daughter.

Soulivity Editor-at-Large, D'angelo Thompson, got the chance to spend some quality time to ask about his life and journey to success, as well as, insights about passion, purpose, and higher quality living. Enjoy!
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DT: Let's talk about what you've been upto as an actor and model?

A: I was getting ready to do my Broadway debut in TAKE ME OUT  in the role of Rodriguez with  2nd Stage Theatre Company. As you all know, Broadway is on pause due to Covid19.

DT: Your energy is and has always been very levelled. How do you stay optimistic in two industries full of rejection?

A: One of the main things I think, it's essential not to take things personally.  You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room, and part of that is to be professional. And just process how you can be better with the next opportunity.

Rejection is part of the job, and you can't digest it too much emotionally, just continue to work hard at your craft.

DT: What inspires you when preparing for a role?

A: In regards to a role, you want to explore the character inside out. Take from that and make it your own whether it is training or experiencing their back story so you can connect more in-depth with the character.

DT: We are entering a new decade, any goals you'd like to share?

A: Absolutely…this role on Broadway was a big one for me and a great way to start a new decade. I just want to continue being creative, doing the necessary work, and developing more in my craft.

Also, to learn from fellow actors and a strong cast can be very enriching.

I love the challenges of being an actor, its similar to LaCrosse, especially working with a team for a collective goal.

DT: What advice would you give to 10-year-old Eduardo?

A: I would tell him (my ten-year-old self) to try everything, keep an open mind to new experiences, especially in the arts and athletics. Embrace nature and enjoy the time you have (be in the moment). And don't be such a serious kid.

DT: What is your purpose?

A: I believe our purpose evolves through life.  It depends on our skill-sets and understanding at any given time. As we grow and learn, our purpose is refined; it shifts.

At this moment, my purpose is to be the best father I can be to my daughter; while reaching my highest goals obtainable as an artist, business person, and citizen of the global community.  Through these intentions, I hope to lead by example and inspire others. We, as human beings are verbs, pure energy, keep it moving.   

DT: Finish this sentence, "the shift I would like to see in the world is…."

A: "a common goal of finding ways to save our planet".Name: Eduardo Ramos

Job Title: Actor/Model

Instagram: @nueves

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