UpClose with Peter Butler, Celebrity and Fashion Hairdresser

Peter Butler, Celebrity and Fashion Hairdresser
Peter Butler, Celebrity and Fashion Hairdresser
After having worked in leading salons in Chicago and Los Angeles for over a dozen years, Peter set out for the City of Lights. Inspired by the world of fashion, he spent years in Paris assisting industry icons and collaborating with major fashion photographers and designers. Peter then returned to the US where his sophisticated technique, professionalism, and refreshing attitude were quickly embraced by the fashion industry. In demand on both sides of the camera, he has worked with the Learning Channel for their series, Cover Shot, and appeared numerous times on
MTV's Fashionably Loud and Mission Makeover. He has also been a contributing editor for the legendary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, publishing 11 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers in total. 
Peter's dedication to his craft and his endlessly creative attitude have come to define his remarkable career and collaborations with the industry's best. As a spokesperson for Garnier Fructis, Peter's craftsmanship appeared multiple times on the Emmy award winning seasons 8 & 9 of Project Runway and garnered the coveted position of Lead Stylist for Rolling Stone Magazine's Cover Competition . His signature looks have graced the pages of fashion magazines such as W, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Interview. Peter's unique aesthetic and attention to detail captured the eye of internationally renowned actresses and musicians alike. Peter's advertising clients include: Christian Dior Beauty, L'Oréal Paris, Maybelline, Garnier, and the Gap.
Peter's experience and inspiration range from the Southern California surf scene and motorcycling to Rock n' Roll and the glamour of Paris Haute Couture. His celebrity clients include Emma Stone, Claire Danes, Kate Upton, Alessandra Ambrosio, Christina Hendricks, Georgia May Jagger, Anne Hathaway, Mandy Moore, Beanie Feldstein and Cindy Crawford.
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DT: Thank you for speaking with me Peter for Soulivity.com! Peter, where did you grow up?

PB: I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. And, went to Beauty School at Pivot Point Chicago, on Howard and Clark streets on the far north side of the city.

DT: What inspired you to become a hairstylist?

PB: I had a high school girlfriend who did hair and always encouraged me to do it, too. Growing up with 5 sisters, they were always in the bathroom getting ready for school or some event. My brother and I never stood a chance of getting in there in the morning! Too many blow dryers and hot rollers happening all at once. I remember being amazed at the transformation of texture and attitude!

I wasn't sure what it all meant; but, they always looked GREAT when they walked out the door. Also, the attitude people projected when they were feeling great about how they looked, spoke to me. I wanted to make people look and feel great.

DT: What are some of the adventures your profession has taken you on?

PB: I have been really blessed and lucky to work all over the world. I have been to all seven continents doing hair.

Yes, even Antarctica! I was there with Kate Upton and Sports Illustrated. It was beyond fantastic! I learned that Antarctica is dryer than a desert. There is zero moisture in the air; and, hair can become very dehydrated, making it very difficult to work with – especially when your products freeze or thicken because of the cold. Being on location doing hair, you have to be ready for anything. You simply have to  "MAKE IT WORK" like Tim Gunn says!

Japan is also one of my favorite places to go. I've worked there a number of times and it always inspires me. The culture and energy of the people is unlike anywhere I've ever encountered before in the world. I first went there with Sheryl Crow on a tour in the early 2000's. Sophia Coppola's film Lost in Translation was being filmed at the hotel we were staying in; and, we met up with the cast and crew, and had a blast!  Tokyo is one of my top cities I've traveled to and would go again tonight, if I could. I love it there.

DT: What inspires you and what brings you joy?

PB: Travel always inspires me; how people live inspires me…whether it's in a city or country life. Architecture inspires me. And, nature, for sure, brings me joy.

DT:  I know you have a love for motorcycles and long relaxing rides, why?

PB: I've combined all of that into my passion for motorcycling. I take a trip every year, for at least 2 weeks, if I can make the time. This year, I went out to South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Truly, the West! The Beartooth Mountain pass is a highway I dreamed about riding for years, and it didn't disappoint. It's almost 11,000 feet in elevation. The highest road in the country. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks (I'm a National park geek).  Anyways, what I love about riding is how physical it is, and how I have to have a quiet mind to do it. I can't be anywhere else but in the moment while riding. It's an active meditation. This works for me. I've never been one to sit still or be in one place for very long……it's just how I'm wired. I love being spontaneous.

DT: Tell us some of your favorite products and why?

Peter's product bag
Peter's product bag

PB: Some of my favorite products…this is always tough for me…I can and will use anything that will give me the texture I need. I had an idea, I just opened and shot the inside of my product bag (see photo):

Leonor Grey Products. They are all natural and work wonderfully to rebalance the hairs texture and porosity.

Bumble and Bumbles Prep. I have no idea what's in it but it's genius product! It breaks down hair and allows it to be reworked without compromising any the hairs texture. It's better than water, when you can't re-wet the whole head.

I have various volumizers and thickening sprays…….it's just depending on what I like for specific types of hair whether its fine, medium or  thick hair.

Leonor Grey Voluforme is a genius and light styling spray.

Oribe Maximista Thickening spray. I LOVE what it does for hair, thickens without imposing too much product, and plays well with others.

TIGI BED HEAD.….Superstar……Queen for a Day ……. speaks for itself! Thickening spray when you need to RULE!

Sebastian Shine and Define. Chris Mc Millan turned me on to this product in the 90's, and I'm still obsessed with it because it works so well. I use it as a heat styling spray aka iron work.

Philip B called Jet Set Hairspray. It's a working hairspray/ texturizer and smells divine! And, my clients LOVE it.

The K line Powder Bluff from Kerastase. A great dry shampoo, when needed.

Got2be Powderful by Schwarzkopf. It's a powder you shake/ sprinkle into the hair for instant texture in your roots. It's just a lighter option than a spray form of dry shampoo.

DT: Thank you for talking with Soulivity and giving us a little incite to your creative process!You can find out more about Peter Butler here:

Name: Peter Butler

Title/Position: Celebrity and Fashion Hairdresser

Instagram: @PeterButlerHair

Facebook: PeterButlerHair

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