Angela-Lynn Ware – A Story of Transformational Reinvention

Angela-Lynn Ware – A Story of Transformational Reinvention

For Black History Month, Soulivity celebrates the life and journey of several African Americans around the country.  Soulivity TV Host of Beauty+Gratitude and Soulivity Editor-at-Large D'angelo Thompson spent time with Angela-Lynn Ware, hair/makeup professional and hairstylist for the television and film industries.

DT: In your bio, I know you served the community of Philadelphia, as a social worker, educator, and advisor. What great lessons did you learn while being of service in that job?

ALW: It's important to avail yourself holistically, to help people understand they can rise above circumstances.

DT: Now, as an established Hair/Makeup (HMU) expert and Hairstylist in Film and Television, does those skills come in handy?

ALW: Oh my goodness, so much! Working in the beauty industry period, many people have up walls from their own experiences. Knowing the psychology of people is very helpful to build strong relationships and trust.

DT: How do you approach assignments and jobs?

ALW: [My] approach, once the job is secured, [is to] prepare by doing research, asking questions, [and] talking to talent (actors), in order to bring character to life.

DT: We met over 8 years ago and worked on various projects. I loved how you observed, asked questions, and were direct in a diplomatic way…you were a "breath of fresh air" professionally. How do you stay aligned?

ALW: Much prayer, much power.  When I sought you out professionally, you said "no," but I was persistent and you eventually offered me two clients and jobs. I pressed on with faith and it helped me to where I am today.

DT: What is your advice to people switching careers?

ALW: My advice to people switching careers is to, "Go for it!" It's attainable; [and] without risk, there is no reward.

DT: How do you instill your work ethic and creativity into your children?

ALW: By being IT and living IT. Being the example. By saying "I can," I am showing them "they can" by knocking down barriers.

DT: I believe all of us are students and teachers in this life. What have your daughters taught you?

ALW: My daughters have taught me to be resilient. Even in my darkest times of doubt, they affirm what I gave them and instilled in them.

DT: What are you grateful for?

ALW: So much, I am grateful for life's journey. I have gained great lessons. Life is like school – you have to learn life's lessons. Delay is not denial, it's the preparation.

DT: What are you currently working on?

ALW: I am currently working on me. Personal growth, where I don't need others approval, or to question my wants, needs, and desires.

DT: Finish this sentence, "my legacy is…"

ALW: "…is abundance, it's what I want to impart to my children, and fulfilled in my life choices".


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