Tyson Suzuki – The Power of Advocacy and Protest

Tyson Suzuki – The Power of Advocacy and Protest

For Black History Month, Soulivity celebrates the life and journey of several African Americans around the country.  Soulivity TV Host of Beauty+Gratitude and Soulivity Editor-at-Large D'angelo Thompson spent time with Tyson Suzuki, model, actor, producer, and proud activist.

DT: Tyson, I know you have worked in the creative arts as a model, actor, and producer for over a decade; and, in 2020, with the uprising of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the Pandemic, a shift happened in you. Tell our readers what 110 days of protesting was like for you in the Summer of 2020?

TS: A 100 Days of Protesting was an awakening, empowering, and restoring justice. The work is not done but being in front of City Hall and [Los Angeles Police Department] Headquarters was surreal and empowering. Also, getting support for the BLM organization was amazing and humbling.

DT: Even though 2020 was challenging for many, I also observed a lot of creativity and new businesses come out of it. What changes were you inspired to make?

TS: The changes that inspired me were being an introduced to advocacy and started a new business out of it called, Active Advocate.

DT: Are you optimistic about the future?

TS:  I am a 100% optimistic about the future.

Tyson protesting in Los Angeles, California.
Tyson protesting in Los Angeles, California.

DT: How has your life prepared you for this moment?

TS: My life prepared me for this moment…through volunteering and empowering others. I have had so much go on in my personal life from being a young kid in foster care. It taught me to be my own leader and not to rely on people; but also…to be able to ask for help.

The struggles and uncertainty have taught me how to stand up and speak up for this current movement of black empowerment.

DT: What are you grateful for?

TS: I am grateful for life – being alive at this moment in history. It's a moment in history [that] we will all remember. I am also grateful for my ancestors; they have provided me with a pathway to being a leader. I am the sum total of all their experiences.

DT: Tell us about the new project you created that was inspired by social injustice?

TS: Active Advocate is a "nonpartisan cause driving medium dedicated to spreading awareness about causes, initiatives, and organizations rallying for a better tomorrow, our slogan is 'tell stories worth fighting for'."

DT:  I can honestly say, I have seen you grow immensely in the last 12 months. I feel honored to be in your orbit. Keep fighting for all of us. What is your call to action for our readers? How can they support what you are doing?

TS: Subscribe, follow us on all social platforms, [and] stay engaged. We keep you informed daily on social media…all original content.

DT: Sharing both, African American and Asian lineage, you can speak to (and for) many. What message would you like to share to heal America? Actually…the world?

TS: There is no such thing as colorism, it's a construct of white supremacy to keep us all in a state of chaos. Embrace all your ancestors and heritage, but most of all embrace your identity.

We should not relent, we [must] keep being strategic, use the pen, and demand results.


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Instagram: @activeadvocate

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