Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: In Conversation with Hamid Johannes

Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: In Conversation with Hamid Johannes

A person with a powerful personality and an alluring Aura, Hamid Johannes is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Human Energy. Born in Queens, New York, and brought up in the suburbs of New Jersey, I had the privilege of speaking with Johannes on his inspirations and his motivation to chose his specific career field. As we spoke on his career aspirations and his personal favorite skin products, I was amazed at how wonderful of a human being Hamid Johannes truly is. 

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DT: How long have you been in your chosen profession? 

HJ:  I was always into health and as I got older, I realized it was a gift. As a kid, I turned my parents' garage into a gym and charged the other kids $3 but they never paid.  

I started personal training and athletes while in college for extra money. Currently, I own a business called, Human Energy.

DT:  Do you have any favorite skincare or grooming products?

HJ: To be honest, it is all about the inside out. It's really about healthy eating for me, I do love Aesop.

DT:  What changes have you seen in fitness?

HJ: I see that overall health is being taken more seriously in the past ten years. I think it's becoming one of the top 3 to 5 of people's must-do, more healthy/organic lifestyle, and mindfulness. I'm an avid reader and studied the history of fitness. And very excited by the new lifestyle shifts here and globally.

DT:  What inspires you?

HJ: I'm inspired by a lot such as nature, good news, people who excelled despite challenges, love, family, and life.

DT:  What would you tell your younger self?

HJ: A message my dad gave me is, "do your best". It's simple and very powerful.

DT: What's your purpose?

HJ: My purpose is to make people happy, healthy, centered and I extend this also to myself.

DT: Finish this sentence, the shift I would like to see in the world is?

HJ: "more trust in the flow of the world. I think we are going to be okay."


Name: Hamid Johannes
Job Title: Strength and Conditioning Coach (Human Energy)
Instagram: @hamidjohannes

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