Derick Monroe: A Renowned Hair Stylist and Visionary Behind ‘Behind The Scenes Beauty’

The 6x Daytime Emmy Nominated and NAACP Award Nominee shares his journey.
Photo Courtesy of Derick Monroe
Photo Courtesy of Derick MonroeCelebrity Hair

Derick Monroe is a six-time Daytime Emmy Nominated and NAACP Award Nominee for his work as a hairstylist on the talk show “The View “ and as a hairstylist for the movie “Till”. 

Derick has worked with notable celebrities such as Angela Basset, Whoopi Goldberg, Iman, Tyra Banks, Rosie Perez, Tasha Smith, Kym Whitley, Angie Martinez, Erykah Badu , Justine Skye, and Kenya Moore.

He has been a spokesperson for hair care brands (such as Dark & Lovely) which brought him to platforms such as The Steve Harvey Show and his work with L’Oreal Professional has led him to be a judge and coach on the brand’s international style and color competition. 

Derick also host his own show called ‘Behind the Scenes Beauty’ that he has been producing and hosting  for five years where he has interviewed major celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Anthony Hamilton, Designer -Sergio Hudson, Tiffany Haddish, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burress, and Verdine White of Earth ,Wind  & Fire!

DT: Derrick, let’s start at the beginning. Where did you grow up, and what inspired you to become a hairstylist?

DM: I grew up in Hurt, Virginia, a place no one has ever heard of. I've always loved hair and seeing the transformation in women. When my mother died when I was 11 years old, I had to figure out a plan because I wasn’t necessarily the best student. In the 11th grade, I took a hair class in high school. I had to figure out something, so early on, I started playing on mannequins from Sally Beauty Supply, and people saw I had talent. I took a vocational hair class in high school, graduated with my license, and was recruited by JC Penney shortly after. I worked in a few salons, then opened my own salon after four years. By the age of 22, I had my own salon.

DT: I know you have worked all over the country/world. Do you have a favorite city?

DM: My favorite place was in Cairo, Egypt. They treat you like family. I literally cried when I had to leave.

DT: Who is your ideal client?

DM: I think I already have one with Whoopi Goldberg. She is iconic, which presents many diverse and amazing opportunities. She allows you to be creative, especially with natural hair, and you are not dictated by trends. Whoopi and I get along extremely well. I also get to work with other clients.

DT: What are you most grateful for?

DM: I am grateful for EVERYTHING. I am so grateful to God that I have a big life. I appreciate my health, food, roof over my head, peace, etc., because so many children around the world don’t have that, so I am always grateful.

Photo Courtesy of Derick Monroe
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DT: I love your work ethic since I met you—where does that drive come from?

DM: I just believe in putting in the work and God will meet you halfway and will open other doors. When I worked with you at the Wendy Williams Show, I lived in Virginia and would drive hours to be there on time.

DT: Your Tisha Campbell interview was fire…it had a beautiful flow and honesty to it.

DM: I think because I genuinely have a deep admiration for Tisha Campbell. She always worked, but I didn’t feel like she got her flowers. With such an impressive body of work,It was very surprising to me that she had never been to The Emmys. I remember her vividly from School Daze by Spike Lee, House Party, Martin, and other pivotal moments in my life. I love hearing the history of people's stories, and I genuinely care.

DT: Derek, thank you for a truly enlightening and beautiful interview!

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