Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: In Conversation with John Paul Pfeiffer

Upfront with D’angelo Thompson: In Conversation with John Paul Pfeiffer

Being a New York-based international model, John Paul Pfeiffer has been in the fashion industry for over 23 years. In 1997, he graduated from St. Lawrence University with a football scholarship. After moving to NY, John Paul took over the modeling world and soon traveled to various internal locations for work, such as Munich, Milan, Athens, and Barcelona. After working in over 15 countries for over two decades, John Paul has appeared in over 40 renowned magazines and media platforms such as Maxim, GQ, Details, British Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Men's Health, and Marie Claire

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DT: JP, you and I have known each other for quite some time. I met you when you were modeling, but I remember you are always studying. So, I'm not surprised by your business success. Talk about what you are currently working on?

JP: Recently, I started a company called Interact Digitally; it is a culmination of everything I've learned with marketing my own companies: Commence Quest, Modeling Apts, Grant Island, and  Playa Pochomil. So, all the studying, taking thousands of dollars in classes has led me to build Interact Digitally.  I will be launching to Interact Digitally soon. This business will open up opportunities for many businesses, from doing it yourself or a full spectrum concierge service.

DT:  How do you juggle all the time zones?

JP: Pochomil is in a time zone one hour away. CQ, in the beginning, had a lot of business in Asia, representing over 40+ models. As well as clients in NYC, models need travel and living arrangements. After a while of crazy sleep schedules for 3-4 years, I realized I had to shift my energy to the talent who were generating the most money. All the experiences came in very handy, and I learned a lot. 

DT: What motivates you? What's your passion(s)?

JP: My passion was BMX for 15 years, traveling the world training, and racing BMX bikes. A few years ago, I decided to focus on my other businesses and close the book on my BMX career.  

Also, traveling to Grant Island, which is an integral part of my life. I am very passionate about being successful and helping others achieve their goals. I learned motivation through my father; he taught me my drive. As a teenager, my dad would take me to dinner and nail into my head about being the best in whatever I do. I'm so grateful that he instilled that kind of motivation. 

DT: What are your intentions for this decade, now coined the new normal?

JP: I will focus more on my work, accomplishing goals that I have planned. As the business is shifting, it's time to pivot to what I specialize in, which more niche brands and global markets that I know well.

DT: What advice would you give to your 10-year-old self?

JP: I would tell him to focus on specializing and being the best at that one thing he loves. The people that I look up to did many things as far as being athletes but focused on one thing. Like Jordan in basketball, so I probably would have focused solely on baseball.

DT: What inspires you?

JP: Successful people inspire me like Tony Robbin, who inspires others to do more, be better. I'm inspired by successful people.

DT: Where do you find balance?

JP: I find balance in moving around, checking out my properties, traveling while modeling, and scouting for models. I think I find balance in learning, moving, and you can never be bored. 

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