Africa Fashion Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

The celebrated collection is closing on October 23, 2023.

As a lover of the arts and fashion, it has given me immense pleasure to share my gallery explorations, museum visits, as well as my travels globally.

Being the Editor-At-Large for Soulivity, and someone who has worked in the creative arts for over two decades, I have a very discerning eye. The Africa Fashion Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum does not disappoint. The curators cover African Fashion from the 1950s to present day, as well as, the historical shifts (and history) of fabrics made throughout many regions and countries in Africa. Many designers were featured from the Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea-Bassau, and artists/photographers like Omar Diop, Seydou Keita, and other award winning talents.

I was introduced to global African brands by a dear friend from South Africa. She shared some of the seismic talents within Africa and the diaspora. Many brands are innovative, modern, futuristic, and uses repurposed fabrics and recyclable items. Two such great brands that have been on my radar for quite some time is Armando Cabral, who also curates other designers and artists in his shop at Rockefeller Center and Moroccan designer, Hisham Oumlil, owner of Oumlil RTW in NYC.

I opted not to share images in this article and challenge you to explore or take a trip to see the exhibit and support emerging brands.

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