New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Reimagined 2022!

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Reimagined 2022!

NYFW like many fashion weeks around the world is manic and chaotic but the line that runs through it all is creativity and reinvention.

I had the pleasure of watching Byron Lars (In Earnest Official) and Victor de Souza Collections strut down the runway at 199 Water Street on September 7th, 2022. Lots of layers, textures, vibrant colors, and a cross section of models
commanding the runway, produced by Ignite The Runway, Jez Magazine, The Image Guru, and Soho Muse, Inc.

On September 8th, 2022, Javier Pedroza and I had the pleasure of launching our new business endeavor the Next Frontier In Business at the spacious Room & Board Furniture showroom in Chelsea. We showcased emerging and diverse brands: D'Antae Butler, Modestly Cupcake, HiPost, Tatee Sakr, Raul Penaranda, and Lana Ogilvie's skincare and jewelry line (Sabre). It was a vibrant, festive night, with a strong launch at NYFW pushing diversity and inclusion into the forefront. As the world was shifting in 2020, we thought instead of complaining about what the fashion wasn't doing, we wanted to be apart of the solution.

One thing we know for sure, taking risks are important and to be apart of change is real purpose. So, giving a Black Trans-Woman (D'Antae Butler) a platform to show her collection made my heart smile . Also, having a Latina-Muslim designer.

(Modestly Cupcake), menswear hiphop line (HiPost), Tatee Sakr (Lebanese), Raul Penaranda (Colombian), and Lana Ogilvie Skincare/Sabre was also something we are proud of.As I write this, many collections are still showing, exciting after parties, and events throughout the city, you get a strong sense of a dynamic shift and people wanting a true change.

Also, other brands that made us all take notice were PUMA, COS, and Tom Hilfiger.

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