Sarita Agudelo Arias, Designer/Owner of 444fourfortyfour

The Colombian fashion designer is positively shaking up the fashion industry, while fulfilling her wildest dreams.
Photo Courtesy of 444fourfortyfour
Photo Courtesy of 444fourfortyfour

It’s great to meet you and chat about your premiere collection for NFIF- NYFW this season. Let’s jump into the interview.

1-D.T: How long have you been designing?

S.A: I have been designing for many years, since I was a child around 8 years old. I remember sketching in a notebook and accepting “orders” from friends. As I got older and became a teenager, I started designing for friends and having seamstresses make the garments.

2-D.T: How does Colombia influence you fashion aesthetic?

S.A: I think being from  Colombia, its the core of who I am. I studied interior design and fashion design in school…I was discovering what my passion was. There was less opportunities for me in Colombia,  I started a t-shirt line with the assistance of my grandmother. NYC offered many more opportunities, so I decided to move to the United States.

3-D.T: Tell me about your collection this season?

S.A: This is my dream collection and inspired by my childhood. I am recapturing the innocence of my childhood; pureness, freedom, and tell stories about that. Also, using the 90s as my backdrop and inspiration.

Courtesy of 444fourfortyfour
Courtesy of 444fourfortyfour

4-D.T: Tell me about the models you cast for the show?

S.A: They are all women with dreams like me and I am giving them opportunities to manifest their dreams. They are all so beautiful and pure to me, the models also inspire me and give my designs life.

5-D.T: Let’s talk about your hair and makeup inspiration?

S.A: It’s all about the 90s, color, texture, and the personification of the woman I wanted to be as a child. I want to bring my designs into reality.

6-D.T: What inspires you?

S.A: My mother and grandmother inspire me. I am here because of my mom, she is pure love, hard work, and has sacrificed so much for me. This collection is a tribute to her.

7-D.T: What are you grateful for?

S.A: I am grateful for the all the adversities I have experienced. It has made me who I am today. My dad  and cousin passed away recently which has been difficult for me and my gamily. This new collection has been a beacon of light for me!!

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