Vanessa Cañas of Modestly Cupcake

Vanessa Cañas of Modestly Cupcake

Vanessa Cañas, is the owner and creator of Modestly Cupcake based out of Lowell, Massachusetts. She identifies as Latina & Muslim and radiates beauty, strength, modesty, and grace. We had a great time chatting about her creative journey.


VC. I started designing clothes for dolls in 2012 after an abusive relationship. As a form of therapy, I created clothes and patterns for dolls. I started getting messages asking me to design for children and adults. After my divorce I really wanted to express myself more through fashion and clothing. It was hard to find anything within the Muslim community I could relate to, as a Latina I love color, bold colors as a matter of fact.

Also, I love vintage cuts and styles…as well as color schemes. My first design for an adult was a cat burger design, it was a total of three designs in 2018. It wasn't something you've seen in the Muslim world as far as modest clothing, and it was well received. Fast forward, I did a few more designs; a bus print, a snake print, and taught myself how to do surface pattern designs and printing.

Throughout the pandemic it was slow and tough like it was for millions around the world. I created only two designs, and I wasn't feeling inspired. Fast forward, in September 2022 I was able to show at NYFW and the Next Frontier In Fashion.

DT. How has it been received by the market and your community?

VC. I have so much support. I started out as a plus size woman, and it was hard to find clothing in the modest fashion world. Many sizes were very off for curvier and bigger women, so I made a point to make my sizing very accurate. I wanted to speak to that woman and make clothing for all sizes and that translates well in any size.

DT. I loved seeing all the support and energy you got from NYFW-NFIF. How did it feel?

VC. I felt so great and was surprised by the support. It filled my heart with so much comfort. I was surprised the actor from NARCOS, Carrell Ali Lasso Paz, came to support on behalf of his wife. That was very special, moving, and extremely thoughtful of them both.

DT. Who do you design for?

VC. I design for adult  women from size 0-4x (size 28), for women who wear a Hijab or not.

DT. Where can our readers/subscribers buy your clothing?

VC. They can go to my website at and see all my selections.

DT. How was the NYFW-NFIF experience for you? What was the biggest lessons?

VC. Oh wow (she laughs), that was the most uplifting experience for me to date. I didn't feel invisible, I felt like I was with family. Many in my community came out to support, some I only knew through our social media interactions.

DT. Thank you Vanessa for your time. What's on the horizon for your business and collection?

VC. So, I definitely want to be in stores, I am set on that. You will see me in retail spaces around the world.

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