Career Opportunities for Those Who Love Nature and Traveling

Career Opportunities for Those Who Love Nature and Traveling

Not every career involves sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week. You want to get outside and experience the world through your work! If you love nature and traveling, here are some career opportunities you should consider.

Environmental Engineer

A well-paying job that will benefit the environment in many ways! Environmental engineers use engineering to protect the earth and people from harm.

Developing solutions for contaminated water supplies, improving recycling methods, limiting air pollution, and so much more. You'll research the cause of the issue and develop a solution.

Your job will make a positive impact on the world. You may work in a lab and office at times, but you're still venturing into nature to get to the root of various problems.

Conservation Scientist

Conservation scientists work to manage the quality of forests, parks, and natural resources. Typically, you'll work with the government or landowners on a case-by-case basis to protect these areas and improve the land's condition.

You'll need to earn a doctorate to lead research projects. But, if you're only interested in the beauty of working on projects with the team, a bachelor's degree will suffice.

Just like with environmental engineering, you'll split your time between the office, lab, and fieldwork. Local conservation scientists will stay in that specific region and assist the environment there. If you work at the federal or state level, you're more likely to travel for different projects.


Geology is the study of the earth's physical structure and history. As a geologist, you'll visit different field locations. Once there, you'll collect samples, take photographs of the area, conduct surveys, and then return to the lab for further research.


Instead of a scientific career path, what about a more creative outlet? Experience nature's elegance and capture its effortless beauty through the lens. Traveling as a freelance or contracted photographer are the two most common positions for photographers in this field.

Discover your specialty. What in nature do you love to photograph? Mountains and waterfalls? Rare species or the common mammal? There are endless opportunities to showcase your work and share it with the world.

Travel Writer

As you photograph the world and encounter unique scenes, write about your adventures. Create a blog that documents your journey. Add photographs here and there to communicate to readers the beauty you see. Describe the importance of protecting the environment in areas like the ones you visit.

Are you a bonafide nature lover? You may want to write for Heritage Reforestation reviews so you can grow your interest in reforestation, conservation, and nature protection.

While the career may begin as a hobby, there's always the chance to transform travel writing into a full-time job. Prepare to work in freezing temperatures and endure the unexpected obstacles nature throws your way. It's all a part of the journey and sharing your experiences with others.

You have a passion for nature, traveling, and love exploring the natural wonders of the earth. From this list of career opportunities, which one could be the one you pursue?

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