GPS with a Heartbeat! Awakening the Power Within!

GPS with a Heartbeat!  Awakening the Power Within!

We live in a technological society, and at times it appears to be the foundation of our lives. We utilize the blessings of the various tools of technology on a moment to moment basis. Phones and computers are in our hands and all eyes are on the screens. As a society, we lean into this form of communication in a profoundly deep way. We have the blessing of receiving information and guidance at our fingertips, faster than ever before. We can find details for what we need at a moment's notice. Our GPS guides us around the world and through our neighborhoods and back again. We simply ask and it is delivered! When was the last time you saw someone pick up a dictionary or map to find out an answer to a word or directions to a specific location? Why would we? We just ask Siri! Yet, is Siri who we want to be giving our power to? Let us consider another option!

It is time we activate another GPS that is even more invaluable than the one we have been reaching for! There is another technology, as old as the mountaintops, that must be activated at this time in human history! I am pointing to the technology of the soul, the inner technology that resides within each and every one of us. As a species of expansion, it is important to remember we have always had our very own GPS inside of us. Our own intimate guiding system that never fails! Closer than our very breath, and we do not need a screen to activate it. Within each and every one of us, is unlimited knowledge that we have direct access to. We have all we need to amplify our inner technology and to truly live the highest vision we have ever imagined. We need not look any further! Our inner sanctuary of divine wisdom is the most powerful space of unlimited guidance. It exists at our very fingertips, within our very breath!

We cultivate this inner wisdom when we begin to invite into our days a practice, a strong practice of self-care, self-expansion, and self-reflection. I call this practice my spiritual practice and many people I work with choose to call it their practice of self-care. You choose! But whatever you do, do choose! Choose you now! Choose to get interested in listening, honoring, and expanding your internal GPS to fulfill all you dream about!

Unlimited possibilities await us as we cultivate the connection to our inner GPS. Let's break it down to consider our GPS to stand for "Grateful, Practice, of Self Awareness!" As we stay grateful, to fully live our spiritual practice of self-awareness, then we expand and grow and live a conscious and awakened life. With a grateful heart, all things are possible, and wherever we place our attention, more energy comes. So as we focus on all we are grateful for, we invite more things we appreciate to land in our lap. When we choose to live a life of consistent practice, the Universe responds to our intentional action. Our practice is everything, and our practice is within our reach. Then as we stay willing to honor ourselves and to nurture our soul with acceptance, love, and gentleness, this allows our self-awareness to expand and illuminate. The importance is to keep the portal open wide to catch the guidance of Universal Presence. Some may call this presence Spirit, or God, or the Universe! It is the energetic force that is within each and every one of us! We came in with it! But it must be cultivated to be utilized to the fullest. This cultivation comes from your practice! Here are some spiritual practices to consider:

*Daily gratitude
*Interrupting negative chatter
*Intention setting
*Inspirational reading

These are just a few practices that cultivate our inner self-care and expansion. Consider some of these, apply them, and add more. It takes self-love and a strong desire to evolve and stay committed to daily practices that grow us, that stretch us. It has been proven to be effective and powerfully rewarding. I invite you today to be willing, to give yourself time EACH day, yes, I said EACH and EVERY day to give yourself some tender care. To embody practices that honor you, so that the sweet small voice within begins to be heard. This is YOUR inner GPS; this is your ticket to freedom! It could be a 15-minute meditation, 5 minutes to write you're grateful for, or 10 minutes of inspirational reading. Your consistency is what matters. Look at it this way, if you counted how many times a day you reached for your phone or computer, then that same number could be how many minutes a day you give to your own self-care. You are worth it!

Our practices become our pathway to profound healing and to truly understand the depth of all the possibilities that are open to us. We are creative beings and once we commit to staying awake, aware, and willing to practice acts of self-love, self-care, and cultivate deep spiritual wisdom, then the doors open wide for us to create more than we ever imagined! When we are in the flow of living our practices, a beautiful new foundation begins to be formed. One that is within, and not found from looking outside of ourselves into various screens. Instead, it is a foundation that is built on inner trust, strength, clarity, and courage.

As we build our inner strength, we become unstoppable in the face of stumbling blocks. We find that within us we have all we need to move through any appearance of a challenge or a setback. We discover we have a solid base of inner strength that guides us when we come against difficulties. By allowing this inner GPS to support us upon our journey, we are able to move through the challenges that arise along the path with a depth of spiritual strength that is tangible. The moments that may feel like setbacks, maybe just an opportunity for us to "sit back" and recalibrate, revaluate, and begin again. To take the moment and go within, to our inner guidance and listen. When this inner guidance, connection to the Universe has been nurtured, honored and cultivated, then our storehouse of wisdom assists us through the challenge!

The best version of GPS is within us, and we don't even have to pick up our cellular device to find it! Once we begin a practice that keeps us centered in the midst of all of life's adventures and challenges, then we become unshaken by the outside world. To be unmoved by circumstances, yet profoundly impactful because we are alert to all that is necessary to move through the circumstances. Then we are no longer stuck by situations yet propelled forward through the use of the inner wisdom we have been cultivating.

The unlimited possibilities that exist for humanity are within the recognition and activation of our inner technology in the midst of utilizing the technological benefits of the world. Balance is the key. This is how we shall create an empowered society, by honoring and merging these two beautiful powers. Choose today to stand strong in your ability to tap into your inner guidance system in creating the life that is destined to be yours!
Your GPS has a heartbeat, and it exists within YOU!

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