Leading A Conscious Business in Time of Crisis

Leading A Conscious Business in Time of Crisis

God, it seems, just called for a "time-out." Apparently, we need the time to pause and reevaluate our life choices and circumstances. We need a spiritual intervention, a little divine guidance. How ironic. It takes a "crown" virus to pull us together, to heal us as One, and to clean up our planet.

Take note. 2020 is an epic year, a pivotal time in history. We are experiencing a global shift in consciousness right now—a collective awakening with a renewed vision. We are being challenged to be more mindful of our planet, our business cultures, our families, and our time with one another. This is a major lesson in appreciation and gratitude, beginning with simple things we often take for granted. A hug. A gathering. A roll of toilet paper.

Leading a conscious business requires a higher level of awareness—a shift in paradigms from the "Me-opic" (What's in it for me?) to the "We-opic." A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches us that we are all spiritually connected—that what we do unto others, we do unto ourselves. There are no independent actions. Everything is connected.

ACIM explains that there are two mutually exclusive thought systems. One is fear-based, dualistic, and self-centered. It is called the ego, also known as human nature. The other thought system is Spirit-based, fearless, and free. It is called Love.

The ego thought system sees everything as separate and unique. It compels us to compare and compete in a win-lose dichotomy. It confuses forgiveness with condemnation, where one is right and the other is wrong. It believes in seeking more—never fully at peace. The ego defines love as something we attach to, at least temporarily. Another human being. A job. A nice house or car. We then live in perpetual fear of losing these attachments. Ego-based leadership operates on an attack and defend basis. It's us versus them, win versus lose.

ACIM, through the channeled words of Jesus, offers us an alternative. We don't have to lead in a fear-based, defense mode. We can release the idea of separation and unite our teams with collective, cooperative, conscious, synergistic power. The Source Energy is here, always. It is what gives us life. ACIM refers to this power as Love, with a capital L, the one true emotion. It is sacred and eternal, not the love the ego projects, a love we fall in and out of.

So, we are either mindful of our connection with Love, or we are not. We are either in a natural state of "flow," or we are in a mode of resistance. Shifting to conscious business requires letting go of fear and leading with faith. It is recognizing and nurturing our Oneness. Atonement, as described by Jesus in ACIM, is at-one-ment. It is surrendering the false ego self to our true Higher Self, our sacred connection with God and with one another.

Here are a few insights from ACIM to help you on your leadership journey.

  • Believe in one another. Look for the Christ in others, and they will see the Christ in you. Look beyond the body to the sacred light and Love that connects us all.
  • Be an example of compassion, forgiveness, respect, harmony, grace, and inner peace.
  • Recognize that there is no problem without a solution. Focus attention on solutions.
  • Be optimistic. Trust that everything happens for a reason, a positive reason. Search for the silver linings. Ask, "What can we learn from this?"
  • Be generous with what matters. Recognize that the only thing that really matters is that which you can give away and simultaneously receive more of—like Love and forgiveness and inner peace.
  • Listen to your emotional guidance system. If you feel inspired, joyful, fearless, and free, you are aligned with Source Energy. If you are anxious, afraid, skeptical, angry, or jealous, you are in a resistance mode.
  • Be thankful for who you are and what you have. The ego does not understand appreciation and gratitude. One quick way to transcend the ego "box" is to count your blessings.
  • Take care of one another and the planet. Eliminate greed and destruction. Grow a culture of harmony, diversity, encouragement, and connectivity. Think of your organization like a beautiful flower garden or symphony orchestra—rich with diversity and all playing as One.

Conscious business is not soft or weak. On the contrary, it takes great wisdom and courage to let go of the ego, "my will," and it takes great strength and faith to trust a Higher Power, "Thy Will." The choice is up to us. Use this time-out wisely. It is here for a reason.

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