Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magical Powers

Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magical Powers

Magic…who hasn't at one time or another allowed themselves for the duration of a movie or a book to be carried away into the realms of mystery and mysticism, of unlimited possibilities, of enchanted forests, great wizards, sorcerers, and dragons, where our dreams and wildest imaginations can come true?

These stories of magic are found in books, movies, games, art, and even in our dreams. They all have one thing in common: they are a reflection of our (often unconscious) desire to alter our existing reality, to expand beyond our current state and become a much grander expression of who we really are. Magic allows us to believe that the impossible is possible and that the unimaginable could happen.

Buy "Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magical Powers" by LON now!
Buy "Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magical Powers" by LON now!

Humankind has been both fascinated yet deeply afraid of magic throughout its history.

While magic may hold great possibilities for transformation that could be of enormous value, our lack of understanding of what magic is or how it works makes us fearful of it and often leads us to reject it.

So, what exactly is magic, why are we so fascinated by it, and how can it serve us if we are able to understand it better?

Let's start with exploring what magic is. Transcending, transformational, mysterious, fascinating, powerful, unknown, unexplainable, supernatural, impossible… Perhaps magic is simply that which we cannot explain within the parameters of our existing belief system. Of course, many things that once were considered unexplainable and even magical have found themselves over time to be explored, analyzed, understood, and described through an ever-evolving science. Fire, rainbows, sun rising and setting, magnetics, flight, and many healing modalities are all examples of this. They all evolved from a mystery into a fundamental part of how we understand our world and our reality. Once embraced by science, they became part of our existing paradigm.

Now that technology is allowing science to enter the quantum world, our understanding of reality is rapidly expanding to include the subtle realms of multidimensionality, and we are invited to take the next big leap in our human evolution and embrace the fundamental truth that everything is energy. Everything. The stuff around you is, you are, your body is, your thoughts are—even your words are energy. A mixture of all of them together creates an energetic field around you. And, you are the conductor of this whole energetic orchestra. But instead of being separate from this orchestra, you are a part of it as much as it is a part of you.It turns out that the whole universe is made of nothing but waves and particles of energy. Because everything is energy, everything is connected in an infinite, invisible field of energy all around us, that we are in and part of at the same time. We are in constant interaction with this field. Our 'magical' abilities derive from our awareness of the possibilities that emerge through our interactions with the field, ourselves, and each other. Our thoughts, feelings, and intentions are all made of energy. We attract people and circumstances in our lives that are a vibrational match for that energy. Accessing our innate ability to perceive the subtle layers of multidimensionality awakens our potential to work what our ancestors might have called magic and gives us the resources to work miracles.

To access and engage with spaces and places that are beyond our form-based, physical reality—to tap into a multidimensional reality—we have to use our awareness (or consciousness) differently than what we are used to. Instead of focusing on the physical world like our bodies, our houses, our cars, work, other people, our clothes, and so on, we must learn to focus on what is present in the subtle layers of the larger reality that encompasses and transcends physical reality. The pathway into multidimensionality is intuition.When we tune in to our intuition and look inward, we notice what information is coming to us in thoughts, feelings, and images. To do this, we have to be fully present in the here and now so we can receive the messages and insights that come from the world inside of us. Being present in the now lets us become aware of our focus and our intention. That is the awareness that makes magic possible. Once we come to experience ourselves as multidimensional beings capable of working outside of three dimensions with the multidimensional possibilities of the field, we can co-create our reality and our life.

This is what makes us Modern Merlins, the magicians of our time.

Lon is an internationally acclaimed sacred geometry artist and creator of two bestselling and award-winning oracle decks. As founder of Lon Art, she offers tools for transformation, readings, courses, and personal soul portraits that connect you to your soul purpose. Lon's work inspires authentic insights and activates thinking beyond the everyday, so you can make real changes in your life and become the best possible version of yourself. Her first book, Modern Merlin, Uncover Your Magical Powers  is now available. The book and associated online course offer a deeper introduction to the concepts and patterns that construct your life.  Learn more about her here:

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