Natasha Lee – Meet the Rising Star of the Business World

Natasha Lee  – Meet the Rising Star of the Business World

Natasha Lee is a Walker's Legacy Ambassador & OnMogul Influencer. She's made a mark in her industry by partnering with companies such as Wix, Arise, and Google. Her work has been featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS, and more. Other notable mentions include being Ranked LinkedIn Profinder's top graphic design company in Detroit for three consecutive years 2017–2019, 2019 Corps Magazine Diversity, Inclusion Awardee, and 2020 Seen Magazine Business Changemaker Honoree. 

Natasha Lee has been recognized as one of the most Powerful 25 businesswomen of Detroit by Walkers Legacy & Senator Gary Peters. Through MYDCT (Make Your Dreams Come True) which Natasha is the owner and Founder, alongside her dynamic team she has aided thousands of people globally with a range of services including call center and tech support services, business development, website, and graphic design, marketing, curriculum development, and trade services and so much more. If this isn't enough, just 3 years ago Natasha launched a Women Empowerment Agency Being That Girl coined after her late mother's alter ego 'That Girl'. After the passing of her mother, she wanted to create a legacy and do something she's always done, support other women. 

Mother, CEO, influencer, visionary & leader are just a few of the words that could be used to describe the powerhouse female that is Natasha Lee. Passionate about empowering women across the world through her work as former  Vice president of Saving Her Elegance, That Girl and her design and creative flair over at Make Your Dreams Come True Corp this girl is always on it. Public speaker and motivational expert Natasha gives her projects her absolute all and it's easy to see why she had such a massive influence on her legions of followers as well of course her own family. 

Natasha Lee is a woman of color entrepreneur who provides placement and resources for work from home opportunities and also contributes to building one-person call centers. 

What is Natasha Lee's Advice to all the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Out There?

  1. What belongs to you is yours, no one can take it. Stop hiding your business from others.
  2. Scared money doesn't make money. If you're not willing to invest in yourself, no one else will.
  3. Let your yes mean yes and you're no mean no. Don't risk the chance of losing credibility. I've taken on too many tasks at once and under-delivered.
  4. Be Authentic, no one wants a replica, we all want the real thing.
  5. Advertising and Marketing are the main ingredients to your bottom line
  6. Business is not for reserved people. If you're afraid to represent your business, don't expect to be seen or be heard. Don't expect to be the next big thing.
  7. Network with like-minded people.
  8. Create collaborations and partnerships
  9. Don't be afraid of your own success
  10. Outsource your business needs to (If you're a woman she has a special tribe for business services at (

How Did Natasha Lee Come Up With the Brand That Girl?

Natasha Lee's late mother Delores Starks was affectionately known for being that girl. She was also known for being bold, wearing red bold lips and her favorite fashion combinations were black and white. Hence, I designed the That Girl logo in honor of her. The brand also captivates her natural aura to celebrate and support others. Natasha Lee's late mother was known for her blunt honesty. In fact, many say that she embodies her mother's same personality. Through the brand of "That Girl," she is able to create a legacy in recognition of my appreciation for my mother, build leaders, collaborate with entrepreneurs, develop genuine sisterhoods and sell dope fashion!

Small Business Project By Natasha Lee

Small Business Project is all about pursuing one's passions and sharing your skills and talents with the world. At Small Business Project, you get the opportunity to work with business engineers, community partners, and instructors to launch and expand the business of your dreams. Small Business Project is excited to help 100 small businesses launch and grow their business. The confounding initiative includes: 

  • Start-up and Small Business Bootcamp
  • Non-Profit Organization BootCamp 
  • Coaching BootCamp
  • Music Production BootCamp

Amongst some of the informational courses offered are:

How Is Natasha Lee Helping People Get Jobs Through Her Company MYDCT?

Natasha Lee  is also the founder of the MYDCT company and the motto of that company is "Dreams are meant to be lived out loud." 

MYDCT is for 

  • existing businesses
  • aspiring entrepreneurs
  • independent contractors
  • Professionals seeking to screw the 9 to 5 
  • Kidprenuers

April 6, 2020 (DETROIT, MI)- Make Your Dreams Come True (MYDCT) Hiring contractors to work from home globally, now accepting applications. Make Your Dreams Come True served as an aid to many contractors globally providing short-term, long-term, contingent, full-time and part-time jobs. Check out to apply today.

 Natasha Lee owner of, MYDCT educated thousands both locally and globally educating them at universities and seminars on work from home opportunities. During the recession in 2008, it hired over 700 contractors, but also helped hundreds start their own virtual call centers including the visually impaired. Over a decade of innovative opportunities to work from home MYDCT is currently bridging the gap to build and create jobs for those during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nearly 50% of company lay-offs and unemployment on the rise MYDCT provides resources on working from home during the Coronavirus crisis. 

It's perfect for anyone 18 years or older. 400 Customer Service Contractors to process inbound/outbound calls for Fortune 500 companies, 25 Website Designers, and train 100-200 people per month. Lee generated 1 million dollars in sales within 6 months processing phone calls for BUDCO in Highland Park, MI before becoming an award-winning CEO, ultimately making her dreams come true. 

Lee decided to start a BPO firm offering services ranging from Call Center Services,  Business Consulting, Website and Logo Design (Wix Partner), Virtual Assistance, Project Management, Marketing, training, and much more. For a decade the team has worked from home and created virtual solutions for corporations, educational institutions, small businesses, professionals, and anyone desiring to learn a new trade. While many are petrified about the economy and/or the virtual world, 

MYDCT is an expert in this field and prepared to help our economy heal with services and opportunities.

Natasha Lee Personal Life

Had Natasha Lee Always Wanted to be an Entrepreneur?

No, but she always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her mother introduced the seed of entrepreneurship at the early age of 8. Natasha describes her childhood as dreaming. While in 6th grade, she designed an elaborate mall. She sketched the logo and even envisioned an indoor amusement park, game rooms and so much more. When designing, Natasha Lee used purple, turquoise, and pink and black pens to illustrate her thoughts. Her teacher, Mrs. Caldwell was immensely impressed and encouraged her to continue to dream big. Despite not building a mall, Natasha Lee does have her very own online store filled with the things she loves. Her fashion line even made a debut in the Macy's Department Store in Michigan and PA in October 2019. This was a monumental occasion because this was her mother's favorite department store. Macy's INC fashion line and That Girl partnered for an epic fashion show. 

While Natasha doesn't have a mall or a storefront. She started a Boutique Collaborative Partner program where her That Girl fashion is placed and sold in marketplaces and boutiques. The program does not only support her brand, but Natasha uses her tenacity, influence, and expertise. The custom marketing strategy to drive new customers through their doors, offer exclusive business partnerships and opportunities, and business services that help her partners level up. 

How does Being an Entrepreneur/Gorgeous Girl Boss Affect Her Family Life and Relationships? 

There are many pros, and Natasha Lee's supporters understand the genuine love that she has for entrepreneurship. Usually, her supporters show their understanding by attending events, participating in activities, and contracting her businesses for services. Most of Natasha's friends have provided their expertise and labor whenever time has permitted. Often times those who do not understand the journey have provided tons of inexperienced advice, unsolicited opinions, and ridicule. She would like to thank them for being a source of energy that motivates her to continue on her path. As far as other relationships. Natasha has been told that she makes an impact on every life that I touch. It is a privilege and honor to be seen in such a way.

How Would Natasha Lee Like to be Remembered?

Natasha's daughter has saved her number in her phone as "Beauty and Superwoman." Her son's both consider her to be the reason they pursue their entrepreneur course. One owning a Game Development Firm and the other That Guy a replica of That Girl.  Natasha Lee would like to be remembered as her being a supportive and loving mother.  Next, her number one priority is to be remembered as a TRUE servant of Jehovah God. Without his loving guidance and example, Natasha says she would be a lost soul. She would like to be noticed as a self-made entrepreneur always prepared to create opportunities and inspire others. She would also like her characteristics to be remembered including selflessness, grace, elegance, outspokenness, bubbly persona, down-to-earth demeanor, and style to press upon the thoughts of people for many years to come. Although she does not see herself as a superwoman, the fact that her daughter does, gives her confidence that someone will remember her in a positive light.

What is Natasha Lee's Definition of Success? 

Natasha Lee defines success as, "Living in your light and shining it on others. Live out loud, be brave, and don't let anyone ride your waves. Honestly, success is defined by individual goals that are set and achieved by you."

Natasha Lee – An Inspiring Woman for All

Working in different sectors of the entrepreneur world, Natasha Lee has proven that a person who is crazy enough to believe she can change the world is the one who actually does. Despite the progress being slow, there is no denying the fact that Natasha Lee will conquer the business industry in the upcoming years and inspire women of color globally to pursue their dreams with courage and dignity. Her stories are truly inspiring and her life is a source of motivation for all the women of color out there who are too afraid to go after their dreams. Natasha Lee not only works hard for her own selfish gains. But she also works towards ensuring what she can give back to the community. And she always tries to give back to people in as many ways as she can, whether it is through the businesses she runs or through the work she does. 

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