Simple Ways To Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Routine

Simple Ways To Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Routine

The wonderful thing about self-care is that it can look different based on your life and preferences. In fact, you might find yourself surprised that self-care can be as simplistic as you want it to be. However, no matter the ways you incorporate self-care into your routine, its impact can be astronomical on your overall happiness.

Take 15 Minutes

It might seem too simple, but if you're busy, all you need is 15 minutes set aside just for yourself. The truth is that almost anyone can spare 15 minutes for self-care at some point in their day. However, when you carve that time out and what you make of it is entirely up to you.


You might consider taking those 15 minutes in the morning or evening to reflect on your day, how you feel, the things you're grateful for, and any intentions you hope to carry with you. Moreover, you can also use those 15 minutes to dedicate yourself to a meditation practice that will help you reflect and keep you centered.

Enhance Your Night Routine

Our nighttime routines can be incredibly ritualistic and calming. You can capitalize on that feeling by enhancing your nightly routine for self-care. Many people enjoy practicing self-care with a skin-care routine, allowing them time to tend to themselves. Moreover, you may also enjoy winding down before bed by reading a book that doesn't overstimulate your mind. Try to stick with easy-to-read romance or fantasy novels.

Taking a Bath

A dynamic way to enhance your routine is to take a luxurious bath instead of a shower. You might consider adding to the atmosphere by putting a couple of drops of essential oils in the bath and playing relaxing music. You can even make your own floating luminaries with cut-up pool noodles to add to your bath, which will do wonders in creating that spa-like feeling.

Phone a Friend

You've likely had those moments when you didn't feel like hanging out with your friends, but you instantly felt happier once you did. Sometimes we forget what a positive influence our friends can have on our lives. However, it's understandable that you might not be able to visit with them all time.

A simple way to incorporate the self-care of friendship into your routine is to phone a friend. Next time you cook dinner or tidy up your room, consider video calling or phone calling your friend for some much-needed catching up.

Keep Topics Light

When you call your friends for a pick-me-up, keep in mind that you should stick with light, happy topics. As such, the latest gossip or news story might not be the best or most relaxing option.

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