Soulivity Exclusive - Actor Keith L. Williams and his haircare brand, "SLYCK by Keith"

Being a teenager and understanding the value of a dollar, it was important for Keith to launch a quality line that his younger fans could afford.

In 2022, SLYCK by Keith a 100% black owned business was founded and established by then fifteen-year-old actor and entrepreneur, Keith L. Williams, best known for his outstanding work in such film and TV projects as Good Boys, Lemon, and the “Last Man on Earth” to name a few and known for his very cool afro and nostalgic look, Keith is one of the most sought-after young black actors in Hollywood. Even as a younger actor, Keith noticed it was always a chore to find someone who could do his hair properly on set. He also noticed it was challenging to find the correct products for his hair texture.

As a young teen growing into adulthood, Keith then decided to start doing and taking care of his own hair and begam searching for the right products that wouldn’t dry it out. Keith immediately decided that he was going to explore natural, organic and herbal ingredients. The first place he decided to look was in his own kitchen and home garden. It was from that determination and inquisitiveness, that SLYCK haircare products was developed!

Made from all natural ingredients, SLYCK is guaranteed to define and enhance the appearance, touch and health of any hair type in its natural and/or chemically treated state. SLYCK works on all hair types and is great for women too! Being a teenager and understanding the value of a dollar, it was also important for Keith to launch a line that his younger fans could afford as well as a quality product. The SLYCK price points range from $8 - $35 and are guaranteed to work or your money back.


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