Tommi Billingsley – Meet The Woman Behind Fearless Queens

Tommi Billingsley – Meet The Woman Behind Fearless Queens
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Tommi Billingsley a graduate from Lemoyne College graduate, also a mother of two beautiful girls Aliena Yasia Jones and Yamoni-Rose Jones is a positive role model and influence in the Syracuse community. A community advocate who creates new ways to inspire, uplift, and pour love in the souls of Syracuse residents especially women. 

Tommi's organization Fearless Queens mission is to inspire women to fearlessly and with intention discover their inner power, develop their talents and gifts, and utilize their power as Queens to initiate change. Through motivational speaking at events or on social media platforms she definitely began a movement for women to be more confident and get outside their comfort zones.

She uses amazing catchphrases regularly that can make anyone initiate change, such as "embrace her" or "be the change you want to see".

Traumatic experiences from hanging in the streets in her former life and losing a friend to violence made something spark where Tommi wanted to change her way of thinking and her environment. To achieve her goals, to become someone. Change indeed she did fearlessly.

Billingsley began doing internships at amazing companies in corporate America while taking business and management courses at Lemoyne College.

However changed her mind of not wanting to work in corporate America instead she wanted to work in the community, as well as start-up her own companies becoming the changed she wanted to see in the community. This was a phenomenal change. Things she was learning she wanted to take back to her people where she comes from. A woman who speaks with passion Tommi is looked at not only as a community advocate but also at times as a life coach using her social media and consultation platforms to give advice to women, moms, business professionals, and more on time management, self-care, and other topics.

Business Tommi has created for herself includes selling boots and sneakers, having a hotdog stand, which she began to inspire African American children to be whatever they wanted to be. Tommi gives credit to god for the gifts she gives back to the community. Some major gifts she gives back include a clothing line called Flygirlishhh which stands for: Forever Love Yourself. 

Become Glamorous, Intelligent, and Respect Ladies. Tommi's clothing line message also includes putting a stop to Hating Human Habits. Inspired by her father's love and support towards her she wanted women to love themselves too by putting inspirational quotes on t-shirts and it became a success with a message of empowerment. To Tommi, the message is more important than fashion.

Previously Tommi had Cancer now cancer-free her life continues to be a gift to her community. Another way Tommi has given back to the community is with a Syracuse household name event called the Queens Brunch, an annual event that allows women from all walks of life a rebirth. The event includes motivational speakers and empowerment activities. Showcasing unity with celebrity guests and celebration.

The Queens Brunch allows women needing to belong to something an event with meaning. Everyone being uplifted and changing. While putting a stop to not wanting to mingle with other women, teaching how important it is to love ourselves and support each other. The next brunch is September 2019. This event overall helps with personal development.

Advice Tommi has for women who want to be a fearless leader is to change your mindset of how you see yourself. Encourage yourself, forever love yourself. In the process learn to not allow fear to block you so do it afraid if need be. In order to do that it takes practice. Change your mind about what u believe in. Belief starts with you.

Everything Tommi does she does for her community. As she learns and grows she takes what she learned and poured back. This amazing fearless Queen leading the charge on her throne.

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