Ways To Celebrate the Holidays With Your Best Friends

Ways To Celebrate the Holidays With Your Best Friends

The holiday season is busy, and it's easy to let quality time with friends slip through the cracks. However, if you set aside a few days or a couple of hours, you can spend the holidays with your best friends. Here are a few ways to celebrate the holidays with your best friends.

Take a Holiday Road Trip

A great way to bond with your friends is going on a road trip with them. This adventure allows you all to bond over beautiful scenery, throwback jams, memories, and celebrity gossip.

To make the most out of this trip, each friend can pick out an activity for one day of the itinerary. For example, one day, a friend may choose to visit a museum; the next day, another friend may choose hiking; and yet another day, you may choose to relax at a local spa. Whatever you and your friends choose, this is a great way to involve everyone and have an exciting, active trip.

Host a Holiday Karaoke Party

Who doesn't love a good karaoke party? Get into the holiday spirit by hosting the party of the year. Gather your friends to sing your hearts out to all the 80s, 90s, and 2000s hits, including the holiday hits. Who do you think will sing Mariah Carey or Wham? Place your bets and give your guests treats and cocktails to get the party going.

Have a Holiday Movie Marathon

Invite all your friends over to have a laid-back holiday movie marathon. Tell each friend to share their favorite holiday movie and take turns voting on which ones everyone wants to watch. This is one of the easiest ways to celebrate the holidays with your best friends because all you need is snacks, a TV, and holiday movies. Bonus points if everyone shows up in holiday pajamas!

Serve the Community Together

Whether you volunteer at a book drive, soup kitchen, or coat drive, giving back to your community is the ultimate way to spread holiday cheer with your best friends. Discuss with your friends which causes you all are passionate about and volunteer accordingly. There are always plenty of opportunities to serve your community, especially during the holiday season.

Celebrate by Holiday Shopping Together

Knock out two birds with one stone by holiday shopping with your best friends. You can help each other by picking out the best gifts for your significant others and family members—anything from trendy athleisure essentials to holiday-scented soaps. Create a day out of it, catch up, and end with lunch or dinner together. Buying the perfect gifts can be challenging, but going with a friend makes the process easier and more fun!

The holiday season is busy with family activities, so hanging out with friends can slip your mind. These ways to celebrate the holidays with your best friends ensure you celebrate the holidays with all of your loved ones.

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