Common Health Concerns That Can Be Symptoms Of Bigger Issues

Don't Ignore These! Everyday Aches & Pains That Might Signal a Serious Problem
Common Health Concerns That Can Be Symptoms Of Bigger Issues
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The more you know about your health, the better you can prepare for health issues in later life. Symptoms can start young and get worse, but when you know what to expect and you’ve been treating yourself for a long time, you can minimize the impact they have on your life. 

Being clued into your health is very much a necessity for a happy life, even when it’s a bit scary to keep up with. As such, here are a few health concerns that may be part of a bigger picture. If you notice them, talk to your doctor about what’s happening.

Feeling Dizzy Standing Up

Changing position from sitting or lying to standing up shouldn’t make a person feel like the room is spinning around them. If you experience this, it could be a sign you’re dealing with vertigo, which in itself can be a symptom of something else. 

Don’t let the issue get any worse. Talk to your doctor about the best vertigo treatment for you. You may end up being referred to a specialist or an audiologist, who can help to determine how your ears are working and the way they’re affecting your balance. 

Feeling dizzy whenever you change position is another symptom of this, and could even prevent you from bending over or picking things up. If a sense of vertigo is affecting your life in this way, we highly recommend seeing someone about it!

Finding it Hard to Remember Things

We all get a bit forgetful from time to time. From anniversaries to birthdays to forgetting to grab something from the supermarket on the way home, things slip the mind. It usually isn’t too much of a problem (of course, you may need to apologize to someone!) and you can go on about your day with ease. 

However, if you’re regularly forgetting things and find it hard to remember when asked about them, it could be a sign there’s a memory issue. This can be a sign of something as simple as a lack of sleep, or it could be more neurological, such as a mental health condition or a developmental condition such as ADHD

If you’re starting to feel shame around your memory, or you’re genuinely getting frustrated from how it’s affecting the way you live, talk to a doctor about what could be causing it and whether you need a memory test.

Always Wanting to Stay Indoors

Never fancy heading outside, down to a bar with friends or seeing a play in a local theater? Maybe you feel a sense of boredom, apathy, and/or total numbness at doing so? This could be a sign you’re living with a low mood and/or depression. 

This will more than likely be the case if life has lost some color in other areas as well. Reach out for help with your mental health; it could soon turn this feeling around. 

Don’t let a health concern go uninvestigated. Look into your symptoms.

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