The true definition of every woman Bella Rose is a thriving entrepreneur, beauty & lifestyle philanthropist, wife, and mother.  Bella developed a love for Glam and launched the Bella Rose Passion Brand. 

Bella Rose Passion Cosmetics have been featured on many celebrity faces and in shows, such as R&B Divas Atlanta, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Starz Original “POWER” and various music artist.

Bella Rose’s contributions to the beauty industry were featured in Sheen, Black Hair, Hip Hop Weekly, and Essence magazines, also various radio stations, and iReport CNN. Her success landed her a small supporting role on the Bravo series, “The New Atlanta,” in 2013. Shortly after she began producing her own reality TV show she solely created ” MUA of Atlanta ” which piqued the interest of many producers for Television Networks.

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In Conversation with Global Beauty Mogul Bella Rose

Bella Rose birthed (Bella Rose Artistry) Agency in 2014, which gained notoriety quickly. The agency now employs about a dozen artists. Throughout her success, Bella Rose has maintained community involvement through charity and sponsorship for more than 100 events and entities in Atlanta G.A., South Carolina, North Carolina, and New York. But dealing with her high blood pressure while worrying about her mother who has survived a Brain Aneurysm She wanted to do more to make a difference, Bella partnered with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation to bring awareness to young ladies of different ethnicity.

Bella Rose was Nominated by Boss Magazine as one of the Top Atlanta Women To Watch in the Beauty Industry, also seen with her Bella Rose Artistry Staff on The Steve Harvey Television Show. Bella Rose then received The Business Excellence Award from 2016 – 2021 Breaking new grounds. Bella Rose is now focused on her New Skin Care Collection that has launched on Major Retail Websites such as as well as Sold in Macy’s  Lenox Mall Atlanta G.A. and and growing every day.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about your experience from being a young girl with dreams to becoming an entrepreneur, beauty & lifestyle philanthropist?

Bella Rose: As a little girl, my dream was just to be Oprah.. lol I never knew what an entrepreneur was, I never knew anyone that owned and operated their own business until I moved to Georgia. Literally all of the events, I attended had young black female business owners that were moving and shaking. 

In Conversation with Global Beauty Mogul Bella RoseI was so encouraged I told my husband I wanted to open a boutique, I had no business knowledge, no fashion knowledge at all just a huge idea, and supportive friends. Along the way, Bella Rose Passion has become my youngest child and I nourish it to grow into success as I would do with 1 of my children.

Interviewer: You have also worked as an actor through a small supporting role on the Bravo series, “The New Atlanta” in 2013. Shortly after you began producing your own reality TV show “MUA of Atlanta” which piqued the interest of many producers for Television Networks. What we’d like to know, did your interest in film production stem from landing a mini-role in the bravo series, or did you always had extra interest in the field of reality TV production?

Bella Rose: No not at all, my small role in “The New Atlanta” was fun but it also showed me what tv was missing, I chose to create “MUA of Atlanta” because people have a false narrative of MUA’s thinking things were so simple and easy when in reality MUA’s are a core piece to your favorite personalities and get treated as if they don’t exist. 

In Conversation with Global Beauty Mogul Bella Rose

I managed MUA’s and the way reality personalities never wanted to pay, and would have them waiting for hours, etc. was disgusting to me so I wanted to highlight those actions and also the drama that would go on in our agency. But I was not willing to put my personal life out there for drama and the networks wanted high drama with family, so I sold my concept to a network and saw what they did with it and I see I made the right decision. Lol.

Interviewer: How has your professional life impacted your personal life?

Bella Rose: My professional life has impacted my personal life by allowing us to employ our children and also have my husband as my business manager and accountant. My husband went to college to get his degree as an accountant and business manager so he is able to help my career tremendously grow.

Our sons help us with day-to-day operations and our daughter is our brand ambassador. I am very family-oriented and being able to spend time with my family is so much fun. We’re also able to teach our children life skills and growth.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little bit more about Bella Rose Artistry Agency?

Bella Rose: Bella Rose Artistry Agency started as an extension from Bella Rose Passion cosmetics. We would give our cosmetics to inspiring MUA’s to work on set with Reality TV personalities through our connections in the industry. We would get booked solely from word of mouth.

We have been contacted to work on numerous video sets with top hip hop and rap artists such as Rick Ross, Bossie, R.Kelly, Usher, Future, Ciara, K.Michelle, Reality stars and actors, such as Chef Roble, Draya Michelle, Clifton Powell, Malik Whitfield, Claudia Jordan, Omar Gooding, Lia Raye, Tiny Harris, Demetria McKinney and many more. My Artistry Agency helped us create long-standing relationships with some fun people.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little bit more about your New Skin Care Collection that has launched on Major Retail Websites such as as well as sold in Macy’s Lenox Mall Atlanta G.A. and

Bella Rose: Yes, Bella Rose Passion Essentials is now launching with they will exclusively carry our Top Selling Unicorn Collection, I chose to pursue retail for the essentials because I know the quality is impeccable and I didn’t want to make all the same mistakes I did with my makeup brand. 

I am way more knowledgeable about branding, marketing, and retail, so this time around I set goals and worked hard to achieve them. Our retail partnerships have been amazing so far.

Interviewer: What projects are you currently working on? Can you tell us a little bit more about your upcoming projects and things we can expect to see from you in the near future?

Bella Rose: I am currently solely focused on entering more SKUs into all Target stores globally, I take it step-by-step. I have another goal I’m trying to achieve but I want to keep it quiet for now..

Interviewer: Being a woman of color in the entertainment, fashion, and make-up industry, have you ever faced any sort of challenges or discrimination? If yes, then how did you overcome it?

Bella Rose: I have for sure faced discrimination in our industry with clients and companies. Having a name like Bella Rose people aren’t sure who I am until I show up, but I have been told I shouldn’t be the face of my brand because people wouldn’t purchase from me. 

At first, it took a toll on my confidence, and then it encouraged me to go harder and stronger with me as the face of my company and my beautiful daughter as my brand ambassador and sales are better than ever.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself five years from now? Personally and professionally?

Bella Rose: Five years from now, I see myself personally in a comfortable mental space with gratitude from all my meditation and therapy. Five years from now I see my professional life far exceeding everyone’s expectations…

Interviewer: How has your childhood impacted you to be the person that you are today?

Bella Rose: My childhood has impacted me to be who I am today because It made me determined to be successful.

Interviewer: You have maintained community involvement through charity and sponsorship for more than 100 events and entities in Atlanta G.A., South Carolina, North Carolina, and New York. But dealing with your high blood pressure while worrying about your mother who has survived a Brain Aneurysm. A person who suffers from blood pressure could oftentimes go through immense unyielding moments in their day-to-day lives. How did you overcome those challenges? Has your personal life impacted the charity and voluntary work you do in your community? 

Bella Rose: No, it hasn’t impacted my community involvement at all in fact I am more involved with my community with neighbors, community involvement in my county, and also getting involved with my county activities.

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