Journeys with D’angelo Thompson, Guest: Ife Mora!

Journeys with D’angelo Thompson, Guest: Ife Mora!

Welcome to our new show, Journeys with D'angelo Thompson! D'angelo introduces us to new and exciting people from all around the globe for inspiration to live our best lives!

Editor-at-Large D'angelo Thompson interviews musician, artist, and activist, Ife Mora! With three generations of fellow artists in her family, her roots in creativity run deep.  She is the daughter of jazz music artists, Francisco and Teresa Mora, she was exposed to different forms of fine arts while growing up in the musical mecca of Detroit, Michigan.

About Ife Mora

Driven by a life-long devotion to music's unerring magic and a heartfelt belief in justice and equality, Ifé Mora is the fiery, creative voice that the world needs right now. With her enlightened, polycultural roots propelling her forward and an unwavering dedication to fighting for what is right, Ifé Mora is proudly speaking truth to power and making incredible music along the way, inspired by everything from rock and blues to P-funk and bluegrass. ~Ife Mora Website

Learn more about Ife by visiting her website,

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