This Is How To Embrace A More Creative Life

This Is How To Embrace A More Creative Life

Creativity is an essential part of the human experience. It is something that can bring meaning to life, as well as fulfill our deepest needs, and engage our senses in the most all-encompassing way possible. However, for many of us, the conundrum is how to embrace a more creative life. A topic you can find out more about, below.

Recognize that creativity is a practice, not a feeling

There is a lot of confusion about what creativity actually is. Some people believe it to be a feeling, and either think it's an innate talent or a skill. However, the truth of the matter is above all else creativity is a practice and like any other practice in our lives, we have to make the time and space for it.

What this means is instead of waiting until we feel creative, we create anyway. Thereby strengthening our skills and talent, as well as making creatively a consistent and reliable part of our day-to-day lives.

Ditch the perfectionism

Of course, to be able to practice creativity consistently, as described above, it is vital to ditch any perfectionism around what we choose to create. This is something that can be very hard at first because the entire act of creating seems to be in service of making an end product of which we are proud.

However, experts in this area suggest that focusing more on the enjoyment and engagement in the creative process itself is a better idea. The reason is that it allows you to be less attached to your work, which can help make it easier to create in the first place. Additionally, by focusing on the process of being creative, you will be building your practice and so will see improvements over time, but without the pressure to create a masterpiece every time you sit down to your practice.

Surround yourself with creativity that you find inspiring

Another simple, yet highly effective way to embrace a more creative life is to surround yourself with the things that others have created that you find inspiring. For example, if you are a writer, making time to read other's work is just as important as working on your own.

Similarly, if you are a photographer, decorating your home or studio with the works of a master that you respect like Milton Greene can be a wonderful way to stay immersed in images that will hone your eye.  Indeed, with iconic images of celebrities from the golden age of cinema around you, your creativity cannot help but flow.

Embrace the freedom of constraints

If you have ever been intimidated by a blank page, then working within a set of boundaries can be so helpful. Indeed, by setting the parameters of your work beforehand you can more easily overcome creative blocks and get creative.

A wonderful example of this idea in action is the ATC movement, where creatives make 2.5 x 3.5-inch images to swap with others all over the world. It is because of the set size and space, and the need for postage, that artists are both limited, but also inspired to create their works.

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