Le B. - The Beautifully Distinct Dining Experience

An iconic spirit reborn in the city that never sleeps.
Le B. - The Beautifully Distinct Dining Experience
Image Courtesy of Le B. (NYC)

Chef Angie Mar, formerly of The Beatrice Inn, has curated a new and delicious restaurant in the West Village called Le B NYC.

Image Courtest of Le B. (NYC)
Image Courtest of Le B. (NYC)

I had the pleasure of being introduced to her by realtor Spencer Means. Chef Mar has exquisitely developed a jeweled interior space with French and Asian-inspired dishes. Many of her notable patrons request one dining favorite called, "Duck, Duck, Goose," a jasmine tea-smoked duckling. Delicious.

Le B. offers a perfect menu for a discerning palate; and, the service is among the best I have experienced in the city. From the Maitre D' Jorge and the service staff, to the Chef's intimate approach to the back and front of the house, the experience is truly exceptional.

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