Natural Remedies That Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

The best way to maintain your "calm" during your days.
Natural Remedies That Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

If you often experience feelings of anxiety, rest assured that you're not alone. For millions of Americans, anxiety is a part of daily life. But you don't have to let those stresses dominate your day; there are plenty of natural remedies you can use to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, bring peace back into your day with one or more of these methods.


One of the most common non-prescription remedies for anxiety is a daily meditation practice that incorporates mindfulness. Spend half an hour every day in quiet reflection, focusing on the sound of your breath and how it feels in your body. If you feel outside thoughts beginning to intrude, acknowledge them without judging yourself and let the thoughts quietly pass.

Top Tip:

Individuals who need a tactile connection to their practice often hold strings of mala beads to keep themselves focused. The beads help meditation devotees concentrate on the repetition of a mantra instead of the intrusive feelings of stress and anxiety.

Herbal Tea

After a stressful day, unwind and relax with a warm cup of tea containing chamomile and lavender. Both herbs are helpful for calming the nerves and reducing those racing thoughts. Plus, the feeling of a warm mug in your hands can soothe you after an anxiety-inducing day.

Natural Remedies That Alleviate Stress and Anxiety
Most Common Sources of Stress To Be Aware Of

Regular Exercise

Does your brain occasionally feel like a hamster wheel that won't stop spinning? Get moving and get that heart rate up! Exercising regularly encourages your brain to create chemicals like serotonin, which combats anxiety and elevates your mood. Not to mention, it's harder to concentrate on anxiety and stress when you're breaking a sweat.

Clean Living

If caffeine, alcohol, or cigarettes are a regular part of your day, consider decreasing or eliminating your intake. Caffeine can induce panic attacks in individuals already prone to anxiety. And while alcohol and cigarettes feel like a temporary fix for anxious feelings, relying on either of those substances can worsen anxiety in the long run.

If you feel like your days are dominated by stress and anxiety, try one or more of these natural remedies to alleviate those unpleasant feelings. Even small changes to your everyday routine can improve your mood over time and encourage you to adopt healthy coping mechanisms.

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