A New Year, New You Interview with Alexa Marine

A New Year, New You Interview with Alexa Marine

Alexa Marine is an international fitness consultant, certified personal trainer at Low-Pressure Fitness. Her studio is based in Central London, and along with being a fitness consultant, she is also a nutritionist. Alexa Marine will be one of the guest speakers at our "New Year, New You: Mind, Body, and Soul Makeover from the Inside-Out Virtual Event" on Friday January 1st from 1pm EST to 6 pm EST.

E: What is that specific thing which inspires you the most about your career?

A: Help others to improve their lifestyle at the same time help myself, it is like a circle of energy and wellness. 

E: Where does your passion stem from?

A: Build something that make sense, that have an impact in others and I can prove it with my own experience, being an example.

E: What was your most challenging project and why? What would you have done differently?

A: Combine Healthy food and fitnesses in a proyect and spread the word with international workshops. The only thing I would like to change is have put more energy in this project ,sometimes the circunstances make you believe that dreams have to wait but I learned that combining focus and passion the results are quick , you have to believe !!!!and give a second place to things that are taking the first and don't make you happy, the success is the result of sacrifices, why no stop the things that involve u in an unhappy routine 

E: At what age did you decide to pursue a career as a Hypopressive Technique Trainer?

A: 7 years ago I got the Low Pressure Fitness certification , I had other disciplines in my career in which ones I was very successful ( yoga, Pilates ,self defence…)but I decided to be focus on this theqnique as a global training that could change your body from inside out and the most important thing ,it could prevented injuries , I knocked a lot of doors and people used to say HYPO…what? My answer was : "I'm offering you long time benefits and health for your clients quick results that doesn't need much time A lot of doors closed when you take the road less travelled but the ones that opens give sense to your universe. 

E: Is there someone or something in particular who inspires you to be your best self?

A: The results in my own body and the passion of sharing the benefits of this method with others. 

E: What is the best piece of advice you've been given?

A: We are here just for a while, make the best of that time, do what u love, help others. 

E: Have you decided on your 2021 New Year resolutions yet? If you have, what are they?

A: For me is a daily resolution ,continue with the line of things that make me happy, help others be active be healthy and enjoy every single thing that I do, every moment, no attached to the past, no expecting the future, just the moment. And each moment well done builds a solid future. 

E: Where can we expect to see you five years from now? Are there any projects you are working on that we can expect from you in the future?

A: I am developing a project with the founders of this activity Tamara Rial and Pity Pinsach, we want to spread the word in USA about Low Pressure Fitness  (Hypopressive Training System)since the technique was born in Spain we want to show it to America. With my partner Chef Patrick D'andrea, we are almost finishing with the online clases "be feed and fit"teaching people how to reprogram their lifestyles cooking and doing Hypopressives exercises. A lot of projects that have to be along with create a family, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, Dream on it!

E: If you met your younger self right now, what advice would you give her?

A: Dont be afraid, just go for it , believe in yourself, do the same "that I did it" but do it better, don't waste time in doubts, in sadness just move because a target in movement it's difficult to catch.

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