Schuyler Brown, Queen of the Mandala

Using healing therapies to embrace the sacredness of the natural world
Schuyler Brown, Queen of the Mandala
Photo Courtesy of Schuyler Brown

Schuyler Brown is a soul sent here to elevate, teach, heal, and guide us all into this new world, this new incarnation of this realm.

After leaving the grind or corporate America, this new work that she has embarked on aligns one's personal, professional, and spiritual journeys.

Her company and platform called, 'The Art of Emergence' is such a place to go when seeking to connect, seek advice, as well as a global community of like minded individuals shaping a world of light and shared knowledge.

As noted, "Schuyler Brown is a healer, strategist, and facilitator based in the Hudson Valley, New York. As the founder of The Art of Emergence, she offers a unique blend of spiritual coaching, meditation, and executive coaching designed to foster deep personal and professional transformation. With a rich background as a futurist and business strategist, Schuyler seamlessly integrates these disciplines to promote coherence and strategic alignment across all areas of life."

Her work is deeply informed by a commitment to creativity and spiritual exploration. Schuyler's approach is characterized by a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the feminine wisdom traditions, which she communicates through her writings, poetry, and events. Her Substack newsletter is a testament to her innovative thinking and artistic expression, where she shares insights on navigating the complexities of modern life with grace and authenticity.

Currently, Schuyler is channeling her creative energies into her first novel, "Tenacious Magic," a work that promises to weave together themes of resilience, mysticism, and the power of the human spirit. Her mission is to inspire others to embrace a spiritually informed, pragmatically effective approach to both personal growth and business success."

One practice that she has been doing for over a decade is creating mandalas honoring her reverence for nature, honoring the souls journey, and the connecting to the divine feminine that exudes from her, and opens us all up to connecting to our own.


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