Things You Forget During Your Spring Cleaning

Things You Forget During Your Spring Cleaning

When the sun finally reveals itself after months of enduring the winter blues, we know it's only a matter of time until spring arrives. Nothing is more exciting than seeing flowers and greenery returning to life or hearing the birds return from their southern vacations.

That energy of renewal is incomparable to any other time throughout the year. The best part is that we can welcome that energy into our homes via spring cleaning. However, you need to know about the things you might forget during your spring cleaning.

Ceiling Fans

It seems silly, but sometimes the reason we forget to clean an area in our home is that we forget to look up. When our ceiling fans aren't in use, they can accumulate dirt. This dirt and dust can cause itchy noses and throats. Don't forget to take a rag to your ceiling fans. Moreover, make sure to do so before you vacuum so that you can get rid of any dust that falls on your floor or rug.


You have likely noticed the large quantities of dust that build up on your lampshades. That's because your lampshades are one of the top places that dust bunnies like to hide out. So as you go about your spring cleaning, you want to keep your lampshades in mind. If you have a cloth lampshade, though, it can be a little tricky.

A nice tip is to wet a cloth with warm, soapy water and slowly work away at the dust on your lampshade. The dust that accumulates on the fabric tends to stick, so it's important to practice patience as you clean.


We use shelves in a number of places in our homes to hold our books, cooking ingredients, and bathroom products. These areas can become dusty, sticky, or dirty throughout the year. Because we see these shelves on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget to clean them during your spring cleaning.

Before you reward yourself for a job well done, don't forget to clean those shelves. Remove all items on your shelves, place them on a nearby surface, and wipe your shelves with a wet cloth to remove any oils or sticky residues.

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