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Photo Credit: Pure Fotografica
Photo Credit: Pure Fotografica

I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for Lana Love for a project, when I lived in Los Angeles over a year ago (thanks to an introduction by actor, Jackson Mercado). Her energy was kinetic and warm; and, as she performed, she was a true delight. I immediately said to myself while watching her backstage, "Lana is truly a 'star' along the lines of talents like Celine Dion, she just needs the perfect platform." To my surprise, after a year later, Lana got the golden ticket that many desire to compete and perform on the "The Voice".

About Lana Love

As per her bio, "Lana Love is a contemporary pop artist based in Los Angeles, originally from Atlanta. She is a classically trained singer-songwriter, pianist, dancer, and actress. Her first EP "Lana Love" released in 2021, garnering support across Shazam and Apple music playlists. In 2021, PBS broadcasted a one-hour live special for Lana for a crowd of over 6,000 at the Redlands Bowl. As a live performer, Lana has opened for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Cheat Codes, and Wu Tang Clan, and performed at SXSW, the Tiny Desk Contest, and the John Lennon Songwriting Competition live show. Lana served as key lyricist and assistant director for Netflix's 'Making Malinche' (2021), collaborating with prominent names in music, Nacho Cano and Hans Zimmer. She has further amassed credits with networks such as Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros., Discovery Channel, and Telemundo. Lana is recognized for her genre-bending of Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, and Rock. She has been featured in the likes of Broadway World, Aesthetic Mag, Popwrapped, Vents, and Substream."

Photography by Ashley Osborn
Photography by Ashley Osborn

Her New Single!

As you can see, Lana is a powerhouse.  And, as we watch her star continue to soar, I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from her in the months to come. Check out her new single called, "Parachute":

Photography by Ashley Osborn –  "Parachute" Written by Lana Love – Produced by Mighty Mike

Thank you to Lana and her team at the PR Machine for being so gracious!

I will leave you with this quote from Lana to her younger self, "Don't play with negative energy, and don't quit before the miracle."

Contact and follow Lana Love on her website and social media channels:

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