Ignite Your Creative Spark of Wonder

Ignite Your Creative Spark of Wonder

Have you ever experienced a deep inner knowing that life should be more?

We all have a spark of wonder inside of us, and rekindling this into our daily life is a lot of fun.  Once you unleash your creativity, you can break through limiting beliefs to discover the vibrant life you crave.

Discovering wonder is an essential step towards deepening your relationships and finding inspiration in your work.  Plus, it just makes life way more fun.

Imagine back to your childhood. What did you love to do? Was there an activity you could get lost in for hours?  If these questions don't trigger an instant memory, take a few minutes to daydream into your childhood.As a child, some of my favorite activities included making magic potions out of berries in my backyard and digging for clay in our lake, then sculpting fish-scented pottery. Nature and creative projects are still two of my primary wonder triggers.

As adults, we often get so caught up in the mundane tasks of our daily obligations that we forget how essential it is to spend time in creative wonder.  We often are so caught up in meeting other people's needs that we can't even remember what sparks our creativity and brings us joy. Reflecting on your childhood memories can often reconnect you with your unique wonder triggers.

By consciously choosing to embrace wonder and creativity, we infuse joy into the collective consciousness, creating a wave of transformation that will support humanity in moving forward with hope.

Sometimes it isn't that simple, though. Not everyone remembers childhood as joyful, creative, or free.  If finding the wonder in your youth is challenging, here are six Wonder Triggers that help me reconnect with the awe of life's adventure.  Read over them. Try the ones that sound fun to you, and then let your imagination lead you deeper into your creative flow.

A Wonder Hike

Go for a scavenger hunt to find the signs of wonder in nature. When my kids were little, we created a tradition of going for an annual Easter hike with the intent of finding signs of spring in the woods. We point out tiny fern leaves sprouting up from the earth, crawling bugs, rushing waterfalls formed from melting snow, moss beginning to brighten, a bird making a nest, and so much more.

Nature is full of wonder in every season. And it is right outside your door. Even in a crowded city, the wonder of nature is sprouting up from the cracks in the sidewalk. Taking time to notice will help you connect to the nurturing world around you. It can decrease fear as you remember how intricately the natural world supports us.

Wonder Notebook

Picture old movies where reporters are out on assignment with a small spiral notebook. Get yourself one of those. A notebook so tiny you can have it on you at all times. I am sending you out on an assignment to discover the wonder in the world around you.  As you go through your days, write down every moment of wonder you see.  It might be a little girl making funny faces at you through a car window or someone taking the time to smile at a stranger. Maybe the sun is shining through a cloud with dramatic perseverance. Jot the evidence of life's wonder down in your notebook. Please mark the date, time, and location of the moment you identified evidence of wonder in our world.  Then read your notebook over before you go to bed or while you drink your morning coffee.

Lost In Wonder

Most shows for children are fantastical adventures. How sad that at some point, we shift from embracing the wonder in life to suppressing it. Let's take a step back into the magic. Make a date to immerse yourself in movies or shows infused with life's magic.

Some favorite of my movies and shows to choose from:

Floating on a Novel

When I was a child spending summers at our camp on Owasco lake, twice a month, the bookmobile would arrive in the parking lot across the street from our camp. A mini-library on wheels was delivered right to my door! How magical is that?! I loved spending the rest of the day floating on an innertube as I got lost in my newest novel adventure.  I still love reading young adult novels. In my experience, they have an element of wonder that is missing in many adult books. However, I do have a few favorite authors who bring wonder to adult readers. Here are some of my favorite reads.

Reincarnation, by Suzanne Weyn

Medicine Woman, Jaguar Woman, and others, by Lynn Andrews

Lamb, by Christopher Moore

Enchanted Quest, by Frewin Jones

The Art of Wonder

Have you ever noticed children embrace art just for the activity of art. They are less focused on the outcome than they are on the process.  Whether it is doodling on a piece of paper, taking out the watercolors, or molding clay, allowing yourself to get lost in art as an activity is a great way to ignite your creative spark.  My sister creates and sells incredible Art Kits  that include everything you need to create a masterpiece.  I gifted my daughter one for Christmas. She was hesitant to do it because she believed she wasn't good at art.  She agreed to give it a try and ended up enjoying it. Since then, she has experimented with other craft projects and has discovered she enjoys creating through art.

Magical Writing

Much like art, writing is an activity that can open us to creativity and wonder. Unfortunately for many, years of schooling have suppressed the freedom and imagination of creative writing. Whether it is writing a journal, short story, or poem, giving yourself the freedom to explore the magic of writing is a perfect way to ignite your creative wonder.  In a recent Consciously Awesome Show, Eva Andrea and I explored the art of magical writing. And in another show, the divinely inspired poet Tamara J Madison will be joining me to talk about poetry's healing art.These are just a few ideas to help ignite the wonder spark within you. I would love to hear other ways you tap into your creative energy.

Enjoy your journey into wonder!

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