Soulivity Today Image and KMET-AM/FM Radio are excited to bring you our popular talk show, "Soulivity Today" (formerly “This Morning with Soulivity,”) hosted by Soulivity founder and CEO, Brian Westley Johnson. This weekly 53-minute program airs on weekdays at 8:00 AM Pacific Time, with real conversations about the people, places, and topics that are part of our everyday life. Reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers each day, this show delivers informative editorial, and inspires people to live life with purpose, passion, and joy.

Watch every Monday through Friday at 8AM Eastern on and 8AM Pacific on KMET 1490AM. Listen in wherever you are – your car or office, or at home – these are conversations that will empower you, every single day.

KMET-AM/FM serves an estimated 4 million people living in the station’s terrestrial broadcast area, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Riverside County is the eleventh largest county in the nation, with more residents than 15 states, including New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Idaho. Projections through 2035 estimate more than 1.2 million housing units, a rate of growth of 51%.

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