6 Weeks to Mental Freedom


(50% discount of regular fee of $1800!

Would you like to be one of the first people to experience Mental Freedom®?

Mental Freedom® only takes six sessions. It is designed to give people the tools they need to know to help themselves. It can help with any situation, relationship problems, past trauma, career decisions, parenting challenges, addiction & mental health concerns.

Incorporating the Mental Freedom™ framework into your life will deliver an approach to master any circumstance and a pathway toward achieving inner-peace. Mental Freedom® provides the information and tools that people need to grow themselves to be bigger than anything that ever happens to them.

Do people or environments sometimes bring you discomfort, anxiety or frustration? Do you desire emotional empowerment when encountering these circumstances but do not know how to achieve it? The Six Pillars of Mental Freedom™ can help.

Counseling does not have to last a lifetime or even years. The founder of Mental Freedom®, Kim Olver LPCP, NCC, BCC, is not an advocate of having clients relive their traumas in an attempt to work through them. She believes they are capable of a full recovery provided that they have good information, come to believe in their own healing powers and develop the skills to continue to move forward in their lives. This is the thinking behind Mental Freedom®.

Each week will focus on the Six Pillars of Mental Freedom™ that helps clients to:

Learn to open your heart, free your mind and transform your life.

If you are interested in participating in the first-ever Mental Freedom Group Coaching Program, You will be receiving life coaching at a greatly discounted price ($333 rather than $1800!) for 6 weekly 2-hr sessions in exchange for responding to two questionnaires at the beginning and the end of the program as well as a written testimonial of your experience in the program. Reserve your spot as there is only a limited spaces for each cohort.

Learn to open your heart, free your mind and transform your life.

Duration: 2 hours

Possible Times:


Teresa Greco is a certified life coach specializing in happiness and spirituality. She is the founder of Steps to Happiness Coaching, a personal development company that mentors others about embracing, honouring, loving, and celebrating their true authentic self and achieving their own personal happiness and fulfillment. The co-author and author of three bestselling self-help books, Teresa is also the editor and senior writer at a Canadian magazine and the host of the internet TV and radio show called the “Steps to Happiness Show with Teresa Greco.”

Teresa is a trained reiki master, meditation and soul coach, intuitive channel and spiritual guide who supports her clients through her Steps to Happiness Coaching Program by offering clarity, clearing blocks and healing dis-ease, and helping them to connect to their own powerful inner wisdom, peace and joy.

At present, Teresa is pursuing her Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology and inner happiness. Teresa hopes to motivate and inspire others to step into their greatness and magnificence and to support and empower them to live the extraordinary life of their dreams. She believes the tools in the Mental Freedom® program can assist her clients on their journey.

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