Born and raised in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, Erica Watson is a producer, actor, stand-up comedian and film/television/theater director. She received a BA in Film Production and MA in Media Management from the prestigious Columbia College Chicago. Erica is a recurring contributor on ABC7’s “Windy City Live,”WCIU’s “The Jam,” WBEZ’s “See, Hear, Eat and WGCI’s Morning Show. She currently hosts a dating podcast called, “Get in The Game,” and stars in the short film, BlacKorea. She has appeared in the Oscar nominated film, Precious; as well as, ChiRaq, Top Five, Side Effects, and Dirty Laundry. Erica guest-star speaking roles include: The Chi (Showtime), Empire(FOX), Chicago Med (NBC), and Chicago Fire (NBC). She has also been featured on TLC, The Dr. Phil Show, The Oxygen Network, The WE Channel, BET, MSG-TV and The TV Guide Network. Erica also owns “The Brainstorm,” a creative strategy agency that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs secure media placements on TV, film and radio.
Soulivity Editor-at-Large, D’angelo Thompson, got the chance to spend some quality time with her to ask about her life and journey to success, as well as, insights about passion, purpose, and higher quality living. Enjoy!

DT: Thank you, Erica for taking the time to speak with us at Soulivity.  I would like to introduce our readers to writer/director/actress and Chicago native, Erica Watson.

My intention as beauty and fashion editor is to show you the beauty and diversity of all the talented souls I encounter throughout my personal, professional work and career in the creative arts.

DT: Erica, how long have you been in your chosen profession? What was the turning point for you to call it a career?

EW: The turning point in my career, it was with my comedy and other people started to celebrate. It was the last thing on my mind, always wanted to be an actor/director.

During my move to NYC for theatre, a friend suggested I do stand-up comedy. Which ensued a comedy class at Carolines.

My true passion is always to write and direct for film and theatre.

DT: In a business where image is key, share some of your favorite beauty products or regime for yourself? You can name drop here (smile).

EW: Right now, I am loving rose water spray and scented shea butter. Clients, men and babies LOVE IT! (laugh)

In particular, I love TGIN spray which is for the hair. And the scented shea butter I love is called  WHIPPED from a local Senegalese African Shop in Chicago called Goree. Particularly the mango and or pomegranate shea butter. And the “lick me all over” and “pink sugar” roll on oils found in ethnically diverse neighborhoods from West African or Middle Eastern vendors.

DT: How important is your personal style or fashion trends for you?

EW: I love fashion, but I don’t see myself as the most fashionable person. I buy exactly what’s on the mannequin, so kudos to the visual display people.

I think when you look good, you feel good!! I find most people out of the industry are more judgmental.

My “go-to” are a t-shirt, leggings and combat boots when I’m not working. I do think how you present yourself is important.

 It’s important that your insides match your outsides.

DT: As Spring 2020 approaches, also the beginning of a new decade…what intentions have you set forth this season/decade?

EW: This season, decade and beyond is really important for me to fully love myself. Accepting the beauty in me, the flaws, and being kind to myself first and foremost.

By doing that, I believe I will attract all the blessings to come. No more being mean to myself, or second guessing my intuition. And loving yourself is truly a revolutionary act.

DT: What great lesson would you share with younger people or younger self?

EW: The greatest lesson I learned is to never take anything personally. Other people’s behavior is their responsibility not yours.

I don’t make assumptions in a positive or negative way. Simply never assume.

DT: What is your purpose?

EW:  I think my purpose in life is ever evolving, I think I’m still finding it. It can change from situation to situation, or minute to minute…I don’t think we always know. I trust in the flow of the universe, and living an authentic, loving, and resourceful life.

DT: Finish this sentence, “The shift I would like to see in the world is…”

EW: “I want people to stop hating each other. I think hate/fear feeds a lot of pain, suffering, violence, etc. I want hate banished, gone. It feeds racism, homophobia, sexism, and so many wrongs in the world.”

DT:  What does your life look like in the next three to seven years?

EW: In three to seven years, my life is full of love, amazing health, happiness, and I’m glowing in the overflowing abundance of love.  This is my truth.

DT: Thank you for chatting with me this evening and being so honest. I think your story will inspire many.

Erica W. Headshot

Name: Erica Watson

Title/Position: Writer/Director/ Actress

Instagram: @miss_poundcakes


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Soulivity Editor-at-Large D’angelo Thompson is known for his mastery of beauty and quality aesthetic. He is also one of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after artisans. Originally from Chicago, D’angelo always dreamed of one day taking the beauty industry by the reigns both nationally and internationally; and, in the past two decades, has done so in a phenomenal way. It is his personal vision to elevate his profession by creating a global brand and community, empowering all to see and celebrate their beauty.

As a professional, D’angelo’s expertise extends to beauty, bridal, editorial, commercial, film, TV and private clients. As hair and makeup artist for guests and celebrities on The Wendy Williams Show from 2008 - 2011, D’angelo earned three Daytime Emmy nominations with a win for “Guest Hair” in 2010. Most importantly, in over two decades, D’angelo has developed a body of work that classifies him in the A-list of beauty professionals.  He is currently working with Law & Order SVU (Seasons 17, 18 & 19), Blue Bloods (Season 8), Worst Cooks,/Celebrity, Joy Mangano/IDL, HSN and Pudding Boy Productions.  As an author, D’angelo’s self-published lifestyle and beauty book entitled “Enhanced Beauty” (2016) continues to sell domestically and internationally.