You can give to charities and your own community any time of the year, but when it’s winter, and people are truly destitute, your donations make a slightly greater impact than they do at other times of the year. There are many reasons why charity matters during the season of giving. Here are a handful of reasons that matter most.

Creating New Traditions

What might be very little to you could be something truly amazing to someone in need. When you give to charities and organizations, they make sure that those donations go toward children and families who are in need and truly deserve to have the happiest of holidays. But they don’t just deserve a happy holiday; they deserve decent lives that are sustainable year-round. When you give back to those in need, you allow them to create their own memories and traditions that they can pass down for generations to come.

Bringing Community Together

What is even more powerful than seeing the effect of giving back during the season for giving is watching communities grow together for events that help one another and others in need. There is no time more magical than the holidays when people help and take care of one another in ways that they normally would not. This forms long-lasting bonds and connections that span long distances and periods of time. Even businesses can give back this holiday season by investing in small businesses in their community.

Making Way for a Good New Year

It’s typical that successful career people will end up with a bonus during the holiday season. When we make a little extra money and are in a stable place with our own finances, we are in a better place to give to others. You will feel good about giving a little extra to those who need it, and now everyone can be cheerful and glad.

Teaching Children Values

When children see and experience good tidings of charity and generosity, they begin to understand why we do what we do during the holidays. Understanding abstract concepts such as morality can be especially challenging to young children, but actively seeing others taking care of one another is a great gift that helps them understand important values.

Charity is a huge part of understanding the power behind humanitarianism and what it means to be a good steward. There are tons of reasons why charity matters during the season of giving, but you have to find the one that is right for you—it shouldn’t be hard to do.