On THIS MORNING with SOULIVITY, founder Brian Westley Johnson, along with cohost Sheila Applegate, discuss how yin yoga changed the life of Kassandra Reinhardt, one of the most successful online yoga instructors. She is an Ottawa-based yoga teacher and a leading online yin yoga instructor. Her “Yoga with Kassandra” YouTube channel has served as a gateway for thousands of people across the globe to discover the life-changing benefits of a consistent yin yoga practice. She’s passionate about sharing the gifts of yin yoga with practitioners from all around the world.

Kassandra Reinhardt
Kassandra Reinhardt
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About Kassandra Reinhardt

Ottawa-based Yin and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, YouTuber, author, and the face behind Yoga with Kassandra, Kassandra Reinhardt, is on a mission to help others feel great with yoga. As one of the first yoga instructors to embrace online teaching, her Yoga with Kassandra YouTube channel has grown to more than 2.1 million subscribers and has over 230 million views. She specializes in her bitesize approach of 10 minute morning classes as well as videos featuring yoga for athletes, morning yoga, Yin Yoga for your nervous system (combating burnout), mental health & emotional healing. Kassandra is the author of  “Yin Yoga: Stretch The Mindful Way” (DK Books), has led yoga retreats internationally, and offers online workshops and in-person Yin Yoga training. She is also the creator of the Yoga with Kassandra app, a source for yoga with exclusive video content, journaling features, and more. With over 2.3 million people in her online community,  Kassandra has truly provided accessibility to yoga and she is expanding her expertise further, with the recent release of her guided yoga journal, My Yoga Journey: A Guided Journal, and her daily affirmation card deck, I Radiate Joy. Kassandra and her channel have been featured in CBC, Bustle, PopSugar, Well+Good and Elle Australia.

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