Before You Judge Me, Make Sure You are Perfect

Before You Judge Me, Make Sure You are Perfect

To Judge me or not to judge me, that is not the question.

I grew up being told not to judge others until I walked a day in their shoes.  Yet, someone seemed to have taught you differently, as you continue to judge others each and every day!

I stand on the street feeling your eyes pierce down upon me however not in a complimenting way as you attempt to make a blow at my confidence with your uncomfortable glances. I look back up to you giving you the biggest smile with no care in the world as you as you continue to glare while walking away.

I apologize random person, did you expect to upset me in any sort of way or to impact my life? You failed to realize you were judging someone who skips to the beat of her own drum and requires no validation for her own existence in life.

"When you judge another you do not define them, you define yourself…"

The world is comprised of many different people, each trying to get through life within itself. Obstacles that challenge us each day, yet you seem to think it is okay to judge someone without knowing the complications or challenges they have faced or continue to face each day.

That "overweight" individual that you cannot stop staring at,  laughing as they walk by.  Did you stop to think that they may have already lost weight and are on a life journey of losing more? perhaps fighting some illness or depression which does not allow them to have that "perfect" body.

That homeless guy sitting on the curbside begging for your loose change. Perhaps once, the CEO of the company you are  employed at but could not overcome his addiction and has already partially given up on life.

The sleeves of tattoos on my arms and legs and shaved hair as I walk down the street. Clenching your purse tighter with a look of shock at my appearance.  If only you knew,   I have the biggest heart of gold and would be the first to help you. If only you knew, I have the biggest goals in life, that I am successful and will always continue to strive for more. For all the times I have been stared or judged at, If only you knew that I wished and hoped that one day you could wake up as confident as I do.

"If you judge a book by its cover, you may miss out on an amazing story…"

Do you care about anything at all aside from what you see at face value? Do you think twice before you place such harsh judgement on individuals?  Truth is, you do not need to care,  however you should be the last person to judge anyone without knowing what cross roads they have faced in their lifetime.

"Don't talk about me, until you have talked to me. Don't underestimate me until you have challenged me. Don't judge me until you know me…"

Compassion is lacking in your heart. Compassion to just know that we can not understand everyone's struggles in life but to have a heart to not judge them anymore as they have already been judged enough. Compassion, what is found within your heart, that soft spot that keeps you in check realizing that we are not perfect human beings.   Compassion,  what you require in your heart to become less judgemental of another.

All the energy used to judge another, if it could be focused on more compassion and less judgement we could evolve into such a beautiful world.

If I allowed myself to be affected by every incident of judgement upon me, I would not grow to where I am today and I would be giving in to everyone's insecurities. Instead I offer you compassion from my heart that one day you will wake up and realize your life was never perfect. I can only wish and hope that no one shall pass judgement or pain to you as you have caused another. Then my dear you will soon see they have judged you and were yet to have walked a day in your shoes…

 Sharon Angela Lee

Sharon Angela Lee is an empowered, inspired writer from the blog, YAIMSHARON.COM.  She says, "I truly believe we all have dreams, whether people believe it will happen or not, it does not matter because it all starts with YOU. We pave our paths to create our destiny and what differentiates us from the rest is we NEVER stop BELIEVING.  YOU are the reason to why I wake up and continue to blog. So that we can all grow to love ourselves that much more."

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