Overcoming the Three Biggest Communication Barriers for Couples

Overcoming the Three Biggest Communication Barriers for Couples

Jesse P. Johnson and 

Melva J. Thomas-Johnson

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Do you know the three biggest communication barriers that block married and unmarried couples from overcoming conflict?  If you are a married or unmarried couple who want to know about these obstacles and want to address them, then read this immediately!

Barrier #1: Experiencing Your Partner as the Enemy, Leading to the Battle to be Right and Win

When one partner perceives the other as an enemy, the first impulse is to defend. What is the defense? It is one partner jockeying to be right and proving the other as wrong. This action creates another barrier as focusing on winning the battle stops each partner from seeing the possibilities available end the war; and, restoring the feeling of a loving connection that was ruptured.

Couples can get around this by discovering the bigger picture: if any partner wins, both partners lose, and the relationship suffers. If one partner has already been stopped in their tracks by experiencing the other as the enemy leading to communication breakdown, then this is how you get started again: take a moment to focus out how the relationship can win.

Barrier #2: Getting Stuck in a Vicious Cycle of Finger Pointing and Defensiveness

When one partner is pointing one finger at the other, they have three fingers pointing back at them. Getting stuck in a vicious c
ycle of finger pointing and defensiveness can stop couples because; they tend to get stuck on the surface of pointing out what is wrong, versus exploring what can be right to overcome the conflict.

Couples can get around this by each partner going within to discover what is (really) going on that can benefit them personally as well as the relationship.
Any couple (which is already "stopped" by this vicious cycle of finger pointing and defensiveness) can overcome this by discovering what is trying to be repaired and healed beneath the surface.

Barrier #3: Built up Resentment Justifying Negative Knee-jerk Reactions

Resentment simmering beneath the surface is toxic on so many levels (i.e., emotionally, physically, relationally, etc.); built up resentment gets to a boiling point at some point. At a moment's notice, an "explosion" can take place at the most inappropriate time.  Words expressed (and actions taken) can be so damaging to the point of "no return."


he question for couples is "how do we bypass or get around this? The answer is taking the first step.  Take an adult "time out" and go within to figure out what is happening from the inside out. CHANGE the MESSAGE.

Each partner must take this personal process, individually. They must each figure out what to contribute to repairing and healing the upset, restoring a loving connection.

Now that you know the strategies to bypass the top three communication barriers couples face, (or how to build momentum again once you've smashed into one of them), we'd like to invite you to "cut to the front of the line" for your (free) instant access to Communication to Connect: From the Inside Out!

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