Passion Perfect: Ivan Latyshev!

Passion Perfect: Ivan Latyshev!

When his passion called, he listened and became a great success.

Ivan Latyshev, a record producer and DJ with more than ten years experience. He went through the music business melting pot starting his electronic music career in 2003. Ivan grew up in the cultural center of Russia in Saint-Petersburg. It was there when he fell in love with deep house music. (From Resident Advisor)

We caught up with Ivan to talk about his journey and his latest single, Pokhara Lake. Enjoy!

I guess you started in music at an early age, how did you get started?

At the age of five, I started my musical education. Honestly, I hated it at the start! I'm very happy that now I can work with any forms of music as a producer continuing my studies by myself.

We love your latest track, 'Pokhara Lake' What was your inspiration behind it?

This track re

presents a new sound for me. I was initially scared to get away from my usual forms, and I started writing such music many years ago but just did it for myself.

After 3 or 4 years, I felt that I no longer want to work on the same stuff, and after several unsuccessful attempts to publish this music, I decided to open my own label. So now we have Alae Records. I was liberated through this music, and I realized that other people could also open their hearts to my label. For musicians (and people in general), it's sometimes hard to be yourself. So, the main inspiration I would call liberation and service to others.

We always ask our presenter two essential questions. The first is: "What is a word for the passion for you in your life?"

I try to do everything with responsibility and passion. I can make tea, cook food, or play with my son; but, I always try to do it perfectly. Because perfection cannot be achieved, I am in a state of constant passion.

The second is, what does "purpose" mean to you?

I'm a little tired of goals and purposes in my life. Now my purpose is to be in love, always.
Here in Spain, I heard a song: Everything comes, and everything goes away, in the end, it's all just in the heart. Everything goes its own way and always happens at the right time. It's hard to take as an answer, but it's hard for me to find words for this.

What is the advice you can share with our community about how to start and maintain a life of living your dreams?

Be yourself.

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