Passion Perfect: Zuckermann!

Passion Perfect: Zuckermann!

With what he calls, "serious attitude," his music is born.

Techno-music artist Zuckermann says he "produces ‚electronic music 'with an experimental approach and a serious attitude.'" We would agree!  According to his biography on Resident Advisor, "his DJ-sets reflect his work as a producer. They surprise and go beyond the obvious."  He has appeared across the globe, and his appearances include Boilerroom, as well as,  famous and infamous clubs and festivals.  Currently, he spends days mostly in China, where he lives; but, he also performs in the rest of Asia und occasionally in Berlin. (From Resident Advisor)

We caught up with Ivan to talk about his journey and his latest single with artist Benjamin Fehr, "Avoid Everything." Enjoy!

How did you get started with music production?

I started kinda early but by then it was a little too late already. I picked up the piano at 9 (one should start earlier), then studied classical music. DJing and composing (what other people call producing) came much later though, I was already able to pay for my own hardware like sampler, turntables, mixer, etc., thanks to all the piano lessons I had conducted.

We really love your latest track, 'Avoid Everything"  What was your inspiration behind it? 

Oh, thanks! Actually I was almost on the brink of avoiding to finalise it. But then played it to Benjamin Fehr and he was like: „in-er-est-ing" (not a good sign). But for once, he meant it and so I asked him if he wanted to finalize it. And he did, changing it a lot in the process. In the end we both considered it an artistically successful collaboration but an unsuccessful exercise in avoidance. You cannot avoid the cake and don't eat it all I guess, uh…

We always ask our presenter two important questions. The first is: "What is a word for the passion for you in your life.

Passion is but a mere stereotype imho. It makes things appear larger than life, but then, there cannot be anything larger than what you do single-mindedly anyway. Let's call it a drive, shall we?  So, sit back, relax and enjoy the one ride that you cannot avoid (full circle).

The second is, what does "purpose" mean to you?"

Haha, see above. That's just included in too many job adverts and mission statements (I might be biased).

What is the advice you can share with our community about how to start and maintain a life of living your dreams?

I don't live the life of my dreams, so, luckily I cannot give any advice here. If you have any advice on how to obtain the life of my dreams, please do share! But then, I hardly remember my dreams anyway…


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